How to Save Time on the Morning Commute

How to Save Time on the Morning Commute

Do you dread your commute to work? It’s surprising just how much time we spend driving to and from work every day.

According to a 2015 survey (OnePoll), the average daily commute for workers in Britain is one hour and 38 minutes. The average time people spend commuting in the UK is 49 minutes each way and it quickly adds up.

So how can you cut your commute to work?

Follow our tips to help you save time:

1.Set off at a different time – If your workplace allows flexible working hours then take advantage of this; it could save you so much time. Either set off earlier or later, you’ll miss the main bulk of the rush hour traffic that way.

2.Check the traffic beforehand – Before you leave the house, take a look at the traffic news to check there are no major accidents, road closure or disruptions on your route. That way you’ll be able to avoid any incidents.

3.Jump on your bike – If your workplace is within a reasonable distance, why not cycle to work instead? Not only will you be able to cycle past all the queuing traffic, but you’ll also improve your fitness levels too.

4.Consider public transport – In some cases, especially if you work in a big city, getting the train, bus or tube to work is actually much easier than driving and finding somewhere to park. Take a look at public transport options in your area.

5. Get a new commute – If you dread your commute every day then perhaps it’s time to get a new commute and look for a new job? It might sound radical but if your commute is unbearable then it’s definitely something to consider.

Fancy using your commuting time to do something worthwhile? See our advice on how to making the most of your commute.




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