How are you holding up during these chilly winter nights? Is the long drive home in rush hour traffic getting you down? Worry not weary reader, we've been keeping busy by trawling the web to find out which songs make for the best 'night driving' playlist! Whether you're working an overnight job or you're on an epic road trip driving at all hours, the songs featured below are sure to make for a smooth and funky cruise.

For those who don't have time to read through our list, you can click here open to The Ultimate Night Driving Playlist in Spotify, allowing you to listen to it on the go, making for the ultimate night driving experience!

The songs featured in our playlist are taken from a recent 'Ask Reddit' Q & A session; here are some of the most popular suggestions put forward by Reddit users.

Kavinsky – Night Call

The first on our list was the most 'upvoted' by Reddit users. Combining modern electronic music with 1980s-style synth and sound effects, Kavinsky's 'Night Call' is a cool and slow-paced tune perfect for navigating the open road after dark. While Kavinsky certainly looks cool in his music videos driving around in sun glasses at night time, we certainly wouldn't recommend it!

Radiohead – Street Spirit

Radiohead have a reputation for making great rock songs, both heavy and soft. This particular track is one of their more delicate offerings, with just enough guitar and energetic vocals to make the song an ideal suggestion for the playlist!

Moby – Porcelain

Released in 1999, Moby's 'Porcelain' was a song at the forefront of the 'chillout music' revolution of the early 2000's, perfectly putting the song into context. With a relaxing piano melody and a chunky electronic beat that just won't quit, Reddit did well by adding this one to the list.

TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me

This fast paced little ditty is perhaps the rockiest on the list so far, but with a speedy bassline and catchy lyrics, 'Wolf Like Me' from TV On The Radio is the perfect song to perk you up and make you feel as cool as a polar bear's packed lunch during late night journeys.

Golden Earring – Radar Love

Radar Love is a true taste of 70s rock from Dutch band Golden Earring. This song was made for the open road; everything from the lyrics to the energetic bassline paints a picture of a lone driver driving all night to meet his lover. If your energy is getting a little low, bang this rock classic on for an instant boost (or pull over immediately to get coffee and fresh air depending on how bad it is…).

Queens of the Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu

An effortlessly cool song from rock and roll superstars Queens of the Stone Age makes for a great addition to the list. Going off-road from what is usually a heavier rock sound, QOTSA created a soothing, catchy tune with plenty of guitar and piano riffs to boot!

Kaskade & deadmau5 – Move For Me

Taken from Kaskade's critically acclaimed album 'Strobelite Seduction', this smooth electronic dance tune is as popular today as it was during its release in 2008. Combining chilled vocals and classic deadmau5 electronic dance makes this song ideal for the playlist.

Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone

This playlist would be nothing without some genuine 80s cheese, and Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone is just that. Featured in the official sound track to Top Gun, Danger Zone features classic 80s rock riffs and vocals that will make you want to high five the nearest pedestrian. The beauty of this cheesy triumph being on our playlist is, there's nobody around at night time to know you're listening to it!

College & Electric Youth – A Real Hero

Taken from the official sound track to 2011's 'Drive', this song stood out from the crowd amongst many other great 80s-style electronic songs on the album. Hitting a sweet spot between chilled synth and soft vocals, this song has amassed millions of listens on YouTube for a darn good reason!

So there we have our awesome driving playlist! But that's not all! We've added all of the tracks to this awesome Spotify Playlist, meaning you can listen to the playlist on your phone or tablet whenever you're on the go!