The Cars of: Simon Cowell

The Cars of: Simon Cowell

When you’re one of the UK’s best known TV personalities with millions of pounds spare in the bank, what do you spend your money on? Cars of course! Simon Cowell’s car collection is one to be envious of, whether it’s an exclusive Bugatti Veyron or a classic Jaguar E-Type, he’s got plenty of cars to get around in. Here are just a few in his collection.

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Bugatti Veyron – Driven in 2007

For his 48th birthday, Simon treated himself to a little luxury – a £750,000 motor of which only 300 were made, joining an elite owners club including Floyd Mayweather and Tom Cruise.



Rolls Royce Phantom – Driven in 2009

Simon apparently has TWO of these elite motors. Apparently, one of them was damaged during an X Factor shoot…oops!

Simon Cowell


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Ford Bronco SUV – Driven in 2013

Seen driving this beast in Hollywood, Simon’s is a first generation model from the 1960’s.

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Porsche Speedster – Driven in 2013

While on holiday in France, he was spotted driving around in this old school classic car.



SMART – Driven in 2013

Not quite what you’d expect, but Simon was spotted driving around Beverley Hills in a black SMART CAR.



Jaguar E-Type – Driven in 2014

The super rare £650,000 motor has been restored so it looks just as good now as it did originally in 1965.



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