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Looking to scrap your car at a scrap yard near you? With, you can sell cars for scrap at one of our 200+ UK branches quickly and easily.

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How to scrap a car

With our quick and easy online valuation tool, scrapping a car has never been easier. By following these short, simple steps you can get an instant valuation, visit a local branch and scrap your car as soon as you like:

  1. To get started, enter your reg number in the box below, after entering a few simple details about the vehicle you will be presented with your free online car price calculation.
  2. Once our car value calculator has given your online valuation, you can choose an appointment at a local branch that works for you. With well over 200 branches in the UK, you can scrap your car for cash wherever and whenever suits you.
  3. At the appointment you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly car buying experts. They will walk you through the process and talk you through the paperwork. After giving the car a quick look over, it’s as simple as agreeing to scrap your car!
Looking to scrap your car at a scrap yard near you? With, you can sell cars for scrap at one of our 200+ UK branches quickly and easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much cash will I get for scrapping my car?

Anticipating what price you will get when scrapping a car is based on a huge number of factors. From the supply and demand of the scrap metal market to the salvageable parts of the vehicle, knowing how to scrap a car is an art in itself!

Often buyers of scrap cars will take at least a few basic criteria into consideration before deciding how much a scrap car is worth. For example, there’s the value of the scrap metal on the vehicle; smaller cars such as the Ford KA are relatively light and therefore have less useable scrap metal, while larger vehicles such as vans or Land Rovers are considerably heavier and ultimately more valuable. Also, there’s the location of the buyer; the further the buyer needs to transport the scrap cars to the nearest port, the more they will deduct from the prices they give to cover their costs.

As you can see from our reviews below, we often offer more for scrap cars than local scrap yards. To get a quick and simple valuation (without the headache!) simply enter the reg number of the scrap car in our valuation box below.


Where can I scrap my car?

We strive to ensure our customers can find a branch as close to their location as possible, that’s why we now have well over 200 branches across the UK, placed in convenient and familiar locations such as retail parks and shopping centres.

For a full list of our 200+ branches, visit our branch locator page. Here you’ll find a list of our UK branches, with several in major cities such as London, Manchester and Glasgow.


What documents do I need to scrap my car?

Selling and scrapping cars with us is easy, but to ensure you’re able to sell the car on the same day without any complications, be sure to bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • V5 Logbook/reg certificate
  • Service history and MOT certificate
  • Finance settlement letter – if applicable

Can I scrap my car without a logbook?

Unfortunately, you cannot scrap a car without a logbook as the V5 is an official document of ownership. This ensures that all cars sold for scrap to are certified to be sold, and prevents unauthorised sales (such as stolen cars) taking place.

While some car removal companies do turn a blind eye to instances in which a car is sold without official documentation, as an established car buying company, we do not put unauthorised sales through our car disposal process.

Scrapping a car without a title is not possible with, while we do strive to offer the most convenient, hassle-free car selling service in the country, we cannot purchase a car without official documentation of ownership (the logbook/V5).

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