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Most frequently asked questions

No, webuyanycar does not offer a car collection service.

However, if your car is a ‘non-runner', webuyanycar will still buy it, providing you can get it to your appointment. (A local car transportation service should be able to assist.)

Yes, during your appointment, the buyer will carry out a short test drive whilst inspecting your car. This involves moving the car several metres forwards and backwards.

The default processing time for payments is 4 working days.

webuyanycar also offers two paid options to receive your payment faster. These payment options are subject to eligibility criteria (e.g. you must be the registered keeper). See webuyanycar's terms and conditions for full details.

  • Next working day payment - £24.75.
  • Immediate Payment (typically within 15 minutes) - £29.75.

If we buy your car for under £500, you can select our next working day or Immediate Payment option at no extra cost.

How much damage affects your valuation will depend on its severity.

To make getting a valuation faster, webuyanycar standardises all valuations with set assumptions. By default, webuyanycar operates on the assumption that your car has no damage including interior or mechanical.

To ensure your valuation is as accurate as possible, we recommend reviewing all assumptions and declaring any damage that your car has.

To change assumptions or add damage to your vehicle, once you have completed your initial valuation, look for the assumptions list and click to view all assumptions.

To retrieve your valuation:

  • Check your emails for a webuyanycar valuation receipt, and click to retrieve the valuation.
  • If you are on the same device that you got your valuation, navigate to our homepage and click to retrieve your valuation.

Alternatively, you can view a full list of assumptions by visiting our terms and conditions. Examples of key assumptions include:

  • It has no damage (including interior or mechanical).
  • It has 6+ months MOT left.
  • It has 2 sets of keys.

There is no obligation to declare damage yourself, as all cars are appraised by the buyers during the appointment process.

The buyer will inspect the interior and exterior of your car for any cosmetic or structural damage and perform a short test drive which involves moving the vehicle several meters forwards and backwards.

In most cases you will only need:

  • Your car's V5C logbook.
  • Original photo ID (passport or driving licence).
  • Proof of address (such as a utility bill or bank statement) dated within the last 9 months.
  • Your bank details (so webuyanycar can pay you).

If applicable, you should also provide additional documentation such as the car's service history or finance settlement letter (if the car is still subject to a finance agreement).

You should also provide both sets of car keys (if possible), along with any extras such as the locking wheel nut.


How it works

  • Enter your reg number and mileage into webuyanycar's free car valuation tool.
  • Fill out a few basic details including your email address, postcode and/or mobile number.
  • Click ‘Get my valuation' to receive it.

Your online valuation is calculated based on the information you provide about your car. The buyer will inspect your car at your appointment to confirm your valuation and any discrepancies that may affect the final price offered.

To ensure your valuation is as accurate as possible, we recommend reviewing all assumptions and declaring any damage that your car has. You can view a full list of assumptions once you have completed your initial valuation.

  • Visit and enter your car's mileage and reg number, followed by your email address, postcode and/or mobile number. Select ‘Get my valuation'.
  • Select your preferred branch, then choose a date and time for your appointment.

If you have an outstanding valuation within our 4-day valuation guarantee, you can retrieve the email or text message and follow the link to book your appointment.

If you arrive without an appointment, a buyer may be able to assist you. However, if all the buyers are occupied with pre-booked appointments, you will need to book an available slot – and at busier times, branches can become fully booked.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking an appointment before travelling to a branch.

To find your nearest branch, enter your postcode on our Branch Locator page.

Click through to your chosen branch page to find key information such as the address, postcode, opening hours, telephone number and email.

Documents and accessories

Your ID:

  • Photographic proof of ID (e.g. driving licence or passport).
  • Proof of address from the last 9 months (e.g. utility bill, council tax bill or bank statement).

Financial details:

  • Your bank details (so webuyanycar can set up the payment).
  • If your car has outstanding finance, an in-date letter from the car finance company confirming the settlement amount.

If you decide to sell your car, you will be leaving it on site. Please make any necessary arrangements for your return journey. Feel free to use the branch landline to call for a taxi.

Appointments take around 20 minutes on average (from meeting with the car buyer to the completion of the purchase).

  • During your appointment, the buyer will assess your car's condition and carry out a short test drive that involves moving the car several metres forwards and backwards. After this inspection, the buyer will offer you a price for your car.
  • If you are happy to sell your car, the buyer will assist you with the paperwork to complete the sale, then webuyanycar will pay the money into your bank account.

Yes, if you agree to sell your car, you will leave it at the branch.

Visit the ‘Manage my appointment' page and enter the email and postcode you used to make the appointment.

From here, you can select your preferred time, date and branch to reschedule your appointment.

Visit the ‘Manage my appointment' page and enter the email and postcode you used to make the appointment. You can then select the option to cancel your appointment.

If you expect to be late for your appointment, you can call the relevant branch office ahead of your arrival. You can find the phone number for your chosen branch in your appointment email or by clicking the site name on the Branch Locator page.

The buyer will try to accommodate you as soon as possible. However, it may be necessary to book a new appointment, especially if you are running significantly late.

Feel free to reschedule your appointment via the ‘Manage my appointment' page.

Webuyanycar will pay the money into your chosen bank account by electronic bank transfer.

If you do decide to sell to us, then a transaction fee may apply at the point of sale. The transaction fee depends on the final price:

  • No transaction fee applicable for vehicles valued below £99.99 (subject to minimum valuation of £50.
  • A transaction fee of £49.99 is applicable for vehicles valued at £100.00 to £3,999.99.
  • A transaction fee of £74.99 is applicable for vehicles valued at £4,000.00 to £6,999.99.
  • A transaction fee of £84.99 is applicable for vehicles valued at £7,000.00 to £9,999.99.
  • Where the price is £10,000 or more, the transaction fee is £99.99.

We periodically trial different transaction fees. Where this applies, your transaction fee will be displayed on our website when you obtain a valuation, and you will be informed of the transaction fee before you sell your vehicle. The transaction fee is displayed on the invoice as a deduction prior to you signing our contract.

Learn more about how it works here.


What cars does webuyanycar buy?

Yes, webuyanycar buys both SORN and non-runner cars. (Declaring your car's non-runner status is recommended, as this may affect your final valuation.)

However, webuyanycar does not offer a car collection service, so you will need to get your car to your chosen branch yourself. A local car transportation service should be able to assist if necessary.

Yes, webuyanycar buys cars that are damaged and in need of repairs.

It is advisable to declare any damage or faults, as they may affect your final valuation. However, there is no obligation to declare damage yourself, as your car will be appraised by the buyer during your appointment.

Yes, webuyanycar can help you settle any outstanding finance on your car, enabling you to sell it.

If your car has outstanding finance, you will need to provide an in-date letter from the finance company with the current settlement figure and your agreement reference number.

To learn more, see our guide ‘Selling a car with outstanding finance'.

Yes, webuyanycar buys cars with no MOT.

However, if your car has less than 6 months' MOT or no MOT cover, it is advisable to get a new MOT test, as your valuation may be affected. However, there is no obligation to do so.

Yes, webuyanycar buy salvaged cars, regardless of their condition.

We’ll run a check to determine whether your car has previously been sold as salvage. If it has, this will affect your final valuation.

To ensure your initial valuation is as accurate as possible, it is advisable to declare your car's salvage history prior to your appointment.

Any salvage status will affect your car’s valuation. These are vehicles that insurance companies have not considered worth repairing following an accident, or may be recovered vehicles.

Insurance companies will sell cars as salvage when they do not consider them worth repairing (e.g. following an accident, flooding or an expensive mechanical issue). Insurers will also use salvage auctions to sell stolen and later recovered cars.

The main issue with buying a car that was formerly sold via a salvage auction is safety. This is a car that has potentially been damaged at some point in its history, and there is no guarantee that any repair work has been carried out correctly.

Yes, webuyanycar buy cars with private registration plates. If you are happy to sell your car with the private plate, no action is required.

If you want to keep your private plate, you'll need to take it off your car before you sell it. Read our guide ‘How to retain a private number plate'.

Yes, webuyanycar can buy your imported car, providing it is registered in the UK.

Parallel imports (that have been purchased in the EU) can be valued the same way as most other models using webuyanycar's free car valuation tool.

However, ‘grey' imports (purchased outside the EU) will require a manual valuation. To receive your valuation, email with the details found in your V5C logbook.

Yes, if you have the right to sell a car belonging to someone who has passed away, you can sell it to webuyanycar.

Visit our ‘Bereavement car selling matrix' for more detail.

Yes, you can sell a car to us on behalf of a friend, family member or company if you are authorised to do so. You will need the following documentation to complete the sale:

  • The registered keeper’s original passport or driving licence – and a copy of your passport or driving licence.
  • A utility bill or bank statement as proof of address for the registered keeper dated within the last nine months (must match the address in the V5C logbook).
  • A letter or email of authority from the registered keeper, stating that they wish to sell the car and naming you as the person authorised to sell it on their behalf.
  • Proof of account details for the registered keeper’s UK bank account (bank statement/paying in book).

Yes, webuyanycar can buy modified cars.

However, any modifications that involve aftermarket parts or alter your car's specifications are likely to affect its resale value.

To get a valuation for your modified car, please email with details of the car and how it has been modified (with photos). Alternatively, the buyer will be happy to explain how your final valuation has been affected at your appointment.

Yes, you can sell your van at your local webuyanycar branch.

To get started, visit to get a free valuation in 30 seconds or less. Then, book your appointment at any of webuyanycar's 500+ UK branches.

Yes, webuyanycar can purchase your campervan or motorhome.

You can try entering your registration on our homepage and getting a valuation.

Alternatively, due to the customised nature of campervans and motorhomes, providing an accurate online valuation by registration is not always possible.

For an accurate valuation, we recommend visiting any of our 500+ branches. There, our experienced buyers will collect all the necessary information on your vehicle and organise a valuation through our dedicated valuation team. Once our experts complete the appraisal, we will email you a price for your campervan or motorhome.

Don’t forget to check your nearest branch opening hours and contact details before travelling. We also recommend phoning ahead to ensure availability.

Visit our branch locator to find your nearest branch.

webuyanycar does not purchase from the motor trade. You can deal directly with BCA UK.

At present, webuyanycar only purchases cars registered in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Other frequently asked questions

Please check that you have entered your registration correctly.

If the free car valuation tool still cannot find your registration, you can get a manual valuation by selecting ‘Enter details manually'.

From here, you can select your car model from the dropdown fields to get your valuation (e.g. Ford, Fiesta, petrol, 2017/17, blue).

Alternatively, email your car's details to

You can reach the team at your local branch by email or telephone. To find the contact details for your local branch, visit our Branch Locator page.

Please be aware that buyers may be busy with pre-booked appointments. Team members will respond to any questions sent over email as soon as possible.

If you don't accurately declare your car's condition, your initial valuation may not reflect the value offered at your appointment.

However, you are not obliged to declare this information, as the buyer will inspect and evaluate your car during your appointment to provide you with a final valuation.

When you sell your car to us, we will send a notification to the DVLA telling them that we have bought the vehicle.

The DVLA should send a refund for any full months’ outstanding road tax cover to the address in your V5C logbook.

Please be advised that the DVLA notification may fail if for example you have not provided us with the latest V5C logbook. If you have any queries concerning road tax refunds, contact the DVLA directly.

Read our guide ‘The DVLA and selling cars explained' to learn more.

If you have moved recently, the address detailed in your V5C logbook might not reflect your current residence.

If this is the case, when attending your appointment, you will need to provide the buyer with a proof of address (a utility bill or council tax letter) that matches the address in your V5C logbook (in addition to a proof of address for your current residence).

If you are not the registered keeper listed in the V5C logbook, but have their authorisation to sell the car, you will need to bring the following documentation to your appointment:

  • Original photo ID (the registered keeper's passport or driving licence).
  • Proof of address for the registered keeper (a utility bill or bank statement). This must match the address referenced in the V5C logbook.
  • Power of Attorney document
  • Your photo ID.
  • Proof of account details (e.g. bank statement or paying in book) for the registered keeper. The money from the sale will be paid into this account.

No. webuyanycar needs a V5C logbook for every vehicle purchased.

If this document is missing and you would like to sell your car to webuyanycar, you will need to obtain a replacement copy by submitting a V62 form to the DVLA.

webuyanycar may be able to settle the outstanding finance on a loan with the lender. However, the lender must release the V5C logbook to you prior to the sale, as this document will be required for your appointment.

Unfortunately, webuyanycar cannot purchase cars that are subject to a finance agreement with Car Cashpoint.

There are two ways to unsubscribe from emails:

  • Visit the Contact preference centre, enter the email address you used to obtain your valuation and click ‘Amend your contact preferences'. Next, tick the ‘Unsubscribed' box and click ‘Update preferences'.
  • Open your inbox, retrieve any email from ‘webuyanycar' and follow the direct link to automatically unsubscribe.

To unsubscribe from text notifications, text STOP to 60151 from the phone number you wish to unsubscribe.

Having difficulties unsubscribing? Please email

Valuations are valid for four days only. The car market is constantly changing - and webuyanycar adjusts pricing to match consumer demand.

Therefore, any valuations received outside of this timeframe will no longer be valid. If your valuation is out of date, visit and re-enter your details to receive a current quote.

There are no restrictions on how long you need to have owned your vehicle to sell it to webuyanycar.

However, if you have been named the registered keeper of your car for four months or less, additional proof of payment and identity may be required.

We recommend contacting your local branch, so they can help identify how we can purchase your car and what documents we require. Visit our Branch locator to find your nearest branch contact details.

If you received a PCN whilst visiting a webuyanycar site, please email a copy of the notice to and our Customer Service team will investigate.

  • If you sell your car to webuyanycar but its next owner fails to register their details with the DVLA, the authority may make contact with the last known registered keeper.
  • If you receive an enquiry from the DVLA, please complete the form attached to the notice with details of the date you sold your car to webuyanycar and the Head Office address: webuyanycar, Pennine House, White Moss View, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1UN.
  • The DVLA should then contact the Head Office directly. webuyanycar will then confirm the purchase on your behalf.

If you have a complaint, please email or send a letter to the Head Office address: webuyanycar, Pennine House, White Moss View, Middleton, Manchester, M24 1UN.

Your complaint must be made in writing (letter or email) and specify the ground(s) that form the basis of your complaint.

webuyanycar is owned by TDR Capital LLP – a private equity firm headquartered in London, England.

When you sell a car to webuyanycar, it is sold back into the trade and may eventually be purchased by a trade or individual buyer.

webuyanycar's free car valuation tool calculates the value of your car based on factors such as its make, model, mileage, condition and the current market demand.

During your appointment, the buyer will confirm your valuation by assessing your car's condition and performance.

Yes, webuyanycar sometimes increases offers, as valuations are adjusted in line with current market data.

Therefore, if you get a quote from webuyanycar's free car valuation tool and your car's market value later increases, your offer may also increase. You will be notified by text or email (depending on your communication preferences) when this happens.

No, webuyanycar does not sell cars. However, (webuyanycar's sister site) offers a great selection of quality new and used cars at great prices.


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