Looking at the price of fuel might make you feel like a penny pincher…but, it actually means you're a pretty savvy driver.

Fuel prices in the UK differ from station to station, and region to region, meaning there's plenty of money to be saved by savvy shoppers.

The price difference between two petrol stations may only be a few pence, but the small savings made by finding cheaper fuel near you can make a big difference.

One of the best ways to find the lowest fuel prices near you is by downloading an app for your phone. Webuyanycar are always looking for ways to save you time, that's why we provide a quick way to sell your car, and that's why we've found some smartphone apps to help you get the best deal when filling up.

1. Petrol Prices – Free

This app compares prices at almost 8500 petrol stations, covering 98% of the UK, and the great thing is that the prices are updated daily too. You can filter by fuel type, distance and fuel brand, and there's also a useful route planner too. It originally started as a website (petrolprices.com) over 10 years ago, so they must know their stuff.

2. WhatGas Petrol Prices – Free

Boasting over 50,000 stations globally, including all major supermarkets and brands, this app isn't just for the UK. You browse the map to find petrol stations in your area and click each station to view fuel prices. You can filter by fuel type and also share your findings too.

3. The AA – Free (but requires membership)

More than a breakdown service, The AA's phone app has numerous features including the ability to check fuel prices. However, you must have a Silver or Gold membership which starts at around £30 per year. The fuel comparison part of the app lets you browse a map for the cheapest in your area and it's regularly updated by The AA themselves, so maybe more reliable.

4. CoPilot – £13.99

It might seem expensive, but CoPilot is also one of the best mobile sat-nav apps on the market. It can act as a replacement to a sat-nav unit and also shows you local fuel prices along your journey. It's also won various AutoExpress awards during the past few years.

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