‘Just Sold My Car’ is the latest TV and radio campaign from webuyanycar. Its mission is to spread the word about just how simple it is to sell your car with us – and capture the feelgood vibes experienced by thousands of our customers across the UK the moment they learn that they’ve sold their car!


Just sold my car: The story behind our new campaign

In 2023, we decided on the theme for our latest TV and radio ad campaign: a celebration of that air-punching moment when you’ve sold your car - and the cash is on its way!

We knew that the soundtrack had to be instantly recognisable and catchy enough to get everyone dancing in their living rooms. After trawling through our playlists, we decided that Riton and Nightcrawlers’ ‘Friday’ captured the vibe perfectly – it just needed reworking to convey our message. Our studio team did us proud and quickly turned around a fresh take on ‘Friday’ (featuring our own lyrical twist), which can be heard throughout our new TV and radio ads.

We had our second ‘Eureka’ moment when we remembered who made ‘Friday’ such a hit in the first place - Mufasa (a.k.a. Jeff Obeng). No other star can match the energy, humour and dancing swagger of the man behind the ‘Friday dance’ – which is precisely why we recruited him to launch our campaign.

However, although Mufasa will be kicking things off in his inimitable style, in a departure from our previous star-powered campaigns, we also wanted to shine the spotlight on our customers - the everyday superstars who make the car-buying world go round.

To pay tribute to our customer base, who hail from all demographics and drive every car model you could imagine, we created five relatable shorts, featuring true-to-life characters navigating the car-selling process - and reaching their own ‘Just Sold My Car’ moments!


‘Just Sold My Car’ featuring Mufasa!

The ‘Just Sold My Car’ campaign is now airing on TV - and features a catchy reimagining of ‘Friday’ by Riton and Nightcrawlers, which captures that ‘Just Sold My Car’ feeling perfectly.

If you haven’t seen it yet – or can’t resist having a dance to it one more time, you can check it out below…

Value your car in under 30 seconds


‘Guaranteed sale’ featuring Rita

In this hilarious ad, we meet Rita – a cool gran who lives life in the fast lane!

Rita was keen to sell her old car quickly and didn’t want to invite any car dealers who might not be serious buyers to her home. So, she decided to skip the hassle and sold to webuyanycar for a guaranteed sale instead.

After getting a quote from webuyanycar.com in less than 30 seconds, Rita made an appointment at her local branch. She arrived to meet our buyer with a spring in her step, knowing that the quick sale she wanted was in the bag.

Once the buyer had confirmed her valuation and sorted out the paperwork, Rita let loose with some serious dance moves whilst showing off her snazzy ‘Guaranteed Sale’ jacket!

Want to sell your car in a jiffy? Be like Rita. Sell with webuyanycar for a guaranteed sale.


‘3 simple steps’ featuring Jamie

Having just watched his favourite team romp to victory, football superfan Jamie stops at his local webuyanycar branch to make the most important transfer of the season. That’s right: he’s owned his car for five great seasons – but now it’s time to sell to webuyanycar.

After a quick appraisal, our buyer helps Jamie with the paperwork and sorts out the payment there and then.

Ready to sell your car just like Jamie? Follow our three simple steps:

  • Get a quote in 30 seconds

    Visit webuyanycar.com and enter your reg number and mileage to get a 30-second valuation.

  • Drive to your local branch

    After booking your appointment, drive down to your local webuyanycar branch. (We have 500+ UK locations with an average drive time of just 13 minutes!)

  • Get the cash in your bank

    If you’re happy to sell to us, you can get the cash paid into your chosen bank account in 15 minutes or less with our new Immediate Payment option. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Jamie’s jumping for joy. He’s just sold his car for a great price - and can’t wait to share the good news with his girlfriend, Ella and his best mate, Mike. Result!


‘Part-exchange’ featuring Fifi and Lucy

In this adorable ad, we meet Fifi – a fun-loving dog and her owner, Lucy, who has her heart set on a new soft-top convertible.

Lucy was considering part-exchanging her old car at a dealership but after a quick online search, she discovered she could get a bigger discount on her next purchase by selling to webuyanycar.

After entering her reg number and mileage at webuyanycar.com, Lucy got a free valuation in under 30 seconds. So, she made an appointment, drove down to her local branch - and brought Fifi along for the ride!

Fifi sat eagerly in the car but didn’t have to wait long. Lucy quickly finalised the paperwork with our friendly buyer and sold her car. After hearing the good news, Fifi ‘high-fives’ her owner with a 10/10 air kick (and can’t resist having a little dance).

Now Lucy can get behind the wheel of her new convertible – and Fifi can’t wait to feel the wind in her ears!


'3 simple steps' featuring Pete & Jane

In this fun-packed ad, we join Pete and Jane, a cheerful couple who have driven down to their local webuyanycar branch. Pete can’t quite believe how easy it was to sell their car - and recounts the ‘3 simple steps’ from their car-selling journey:

  • Get a quote in 30 seconds

    First, Pete got a 30-second valuation for his car by visiting webuyanycar.com and entering his reg number and mileage!

  • Drive to your local branch

    Next, after booking an appointment, Pete and Jane made the 13-minute drive to their nearest webuyanycar branch.

  • Cash in the bank!

    Following a quick in-person valuation with our friendly buyers, Pete sold the car – and the cash was sent to his bank account on the very same day!

    Pete has a spring in his step (and even busts a few impressive dance moves) as he hands his keys to our buyer.

    Want to sell your car without the hassle? Follow Pete’s 3 simple steps to get the cash in your account without delay.


‘Outstanding finance? No problem!’ featuring Ava

City professional Ava had her heart set on a stylish soft-top, but there was one obstacle standing in her way; she had a car with outstanding finance. However, Ava wasn’t prepared to give up on her dream.

A quick online search told her that webuyanycar could offer a solution, so she clicked through to our website. From there, it was just a case of entering a few simple details to get a 30-second valuation – and booking an appointment at her nearest branch.

Ava drove to her local branch and met with our friendly buyers, who bought her car there and then. She returned to her car to tell her friend the good news:

“Webuyanycar’s just sorted it all out for me. I’m getting the soft-top!”

There’s no stopping Ava now, she’s jumping for joy and the money’s on the way to her bank!

So, if like Ava, you have a car with outstanding finance, but feel it’s time for a change, we can buy your car. No matter whether you have outstanding HP or PCP finance, our buyers can help you with the paperwork and offer you a great price for your car!

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Frequently asked questions

Friday (Dopamine Re-edit) was recorded by English DJ and producer, Riton – and Scottish house music project, Nightcrawlers. Released on January 15th 2021 through Ministry of Sound, the song topped the charts in Flanders and Poland – and peaked at 4th in the Official UK Top 40.

The dog in our new ad is 'Barley' - a 10-year old Lurcher crossbreed and full-time stunt dog. What a good boy!

‘Just Sold My Car’ is a reworking of ‘Friday’ (originally recorded by English DJ and producer ‘Riton’ and Scottish house music project ‘Nightcrawlers’).

Mufasa is a character created and portrayed by Jeff Obeng, who has appeared in many popular TikTok and Instagram videos.

Jeff is 32 years old.

Mufasa currently has more than 917,000 followers on TikTok – and 1.6 million on Instagram!

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