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How does car valuation work?

Our car valuation tool is fast, intuitive and completely free to use. Simply enter the vehicle’s registration and mileage and our tool will tell you its current value (based on real-time market data).

Knowing the value of a car can be helpful in a variety of scenarios, including:

Selling your car

If you’re getting ready to sell your car, knowing what it’s worth can help you set the right price point. This will help you avoid underselling your car (or deterring potential buyers by pricing too high).  

You can also use your valuation to set a minimum and maximum asking price, which can prove useful should you need to negotiate with a buyer. 

Buying a car

If you see a new or used motor that catches your eye, enter its reg plate into our car valuation tool. Your quick valuation will give you a clear indication as to whether the price is competitive:

  • If the price is right (and everything else checks out), you can buy with confidence.

  • If it’s priced a little higher than expected but you’re still keen on the car, you might be able to use our valuation to leverage a discount with the seller or dealership.

Part exchanging a car

Part exchanging can be a convenient avenue for getting behind the wheel of a new motor - but bear in mind that the dealer will be looking to make a profit.

Getting a quick car valuation before entering into a part exchange agreement can help you assess whether you’re getting a fair deal.

Insuring a car

When setting up an insurance policy for your car, your provider will usually ask you to declare an estimated value. It is crucial that you provide an honest answer here, as if you underestimate your car’s value, you could potentially invalidate your policy.

Bear in mind that this valuation may not match what you paid for the car; you should account for how long you have had the vehicle and other depreciation factors.

Our car valuation tool factors in all these variables for you. Simply enter your reg and mileage details to get a quick, hassle-free valuation.

What steps are required to value my car?

Our simple three-step process means it has never been easier to value your car.

Get your free valuation

Start by entering your registration, mileage, email and postcode.

Book an appointment

Choose a date, time and branch that is convenient for you. We’ve got over 500 branches around the UK.

Sell your car

Drive to your chosen branch, we’ll confirm your valuation. If you’re happy, we’ll set up your payment.

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Which factors affect how much your car is worth?

  • Make & model

    Certain models are more desirable and retain their value better than others. If you have a car that is in demand then it could be worth more than you think.

  • Number of previous owners

    Cars with fewer previous owners are generally worth more due to many owners being a potential indication of unsolved problems with the vehicle.

  • The condition of your car

    If there is any damage to the car, the car’s value will be lower than a car with no imperfections. This can include scratches, dents, stone chips and other wear & tear.

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

    Selling a car with a manufacturer’s warranty provides reassurance to the buyer and can increase the value of the car.

  • Mileage

    A car with lower mileage will retain more of its value than a car with above-average mileage.

  • Optional extras

    Some extras such as heated seats and upgraded alloys could improve the desirability and value of your car.

  • Service history

    A full-service history shows that the car has been well-maintained and means that it will be worth more than a car with service history gaps.

  • Current market prices

    Market prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. We use live market data to give you an accurate price at the time of the valuation.

How much is my car worth?

Your car’s value will depend on factors such as its age, make and model, mileage, condition - and the level of market demand.

To find out how much your car is currently worth, simply enter its reg plate and mileage into our car valuation tool.

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Why should I value my car?

Getting a valuation for your car at regular intervals can be useful regardless of whether you intend to sell it.

Comparing past valuations will show you how much your car has depreciated in value. This can help you work out whether now is the best time to put your motor on the market – or whether it’s worth biding your time.

If you’re lucky enough to own a rare or collectible model, using our car valuation tool can also show you whether the vehicle is appreciating in value over time.

Are webuyanycar car valuations accurate?

Our valuations are based on industry standard data provided by CAP. They will constantly reassess the data to adhere to market fluctuations and ensure the valuation of your car is accurate.

Providing all of the details you’ve entered match the condition of the car, the online valuation will match that you receive at your local branch. If you fail to disclose any information such as scratches or if you enter the incorrect mileage, this may impact the final offer you receive.

Car valuation frequently asked questions

Our car valuation tool only requires a few details about you and your car to provide an accurate valuation. Before you start your online valuation, we would recommend having the following details on hand:

  • Your reg plate.
  • Your car’s mileage.
  • Your name.
  • Your email address.
  • Your postcode.
  • Your telephone number.
  • Any damage to your car.

No, you don’t need any documents to get your free car valuation. The only information you need to provide is your vehicle’s reg number and mileage.

However, bear in mind that if certain key documents are missing (such as the V5C logbook and service documents) it may be difficult to sell your car.

If you sell your car to webuyanycar, we can transfer the money into your bank within 15 minutes, which can help you get a bigger discount on your next car. Before you part-exchange your car at a dealership, you should value your car in less than 30 seconds by entering your reg and a few additional details.

When you’re ready to trade in your current vehicle for a new one, the value of your car will be a key factor in the decision-making process. You may be wondering, “How much is my car worth as part exchange?” However, you may be able to get a bigger discount on your next car by selling to webuyanycar.

Modifications can impact what a car is worth both positively and negatively. For example, tinted windows may make the car more aesthetically pleasing, which increases the value. On the other hand, some modifications may negatively impact the value of a car, such as non-factory fitted additional extras, as there is no guarantee that they’ve been installed to a high standard, and they could invalidate the car’s warranty.

If you're within the price guarantee then even if the valuation changes, you're protected for 4 days from when you initially found out what your car is worth.

If you're outside of the price guarantee, then depending on market conditions, your price may increase or decrease. If it does change (within the first 30 days ) then we let customers know by email.

Yes, we'll send a copy of your valuation to the email address that you provided. We may also send any price updates via email depending on the market conditions.

It might sound strange, but it is possible that your car may be worth more at different times of year as prices can fluctuate over seasons.

For example, spring is a great time to sell a convertible as the weather improves and demand for this type of car increases. Conversely, you may find as we enter autumn and winter, interest in 4x4s and SUVs rise as these models are more suited to winter weather conditions and, as a result, prices will increase.

We do in fact buy any car. However, there might be some cars that will require a manual valuation due to the age of the vehicle. To receive a manual valuation, you will need to provide us with the details of your car by emailing

Yes, our car valuation tool (at the top of this page) just needs your reg number and mileage to give you a completely free car valuation.

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