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What makes our car valuations different?

 At We Buy Any Car we understand that not everyone who gets an online car valuation with us will be looking to sell their car and will just be wondering “how much is my car worth”? Our valuation calculator will give you an accurate quote for your car in less than 60 seconds.

  • Free valuation in 60 seconds or less
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  • Based on market prices and the details you enter about your car.
  • If your car is as you say it is online, then we guarantee to offer you the price we quote online.

How do you value my car?

Our 4 step methodology

Registration Number

Once you’ve entered your car’s registration number, we can identify the vehicle almost instantly, allowing us to calculate a rough estimate of your vehicles value, before you enter the next round of details. Once you have entered your registration number, simply click ‘value my car’ to continue.

Car Details

Next, we need to take just a few basic details about your car, such as the number of miles the vehicle has travelled, the number of previous owners it has had, and how much service history you have on the car.

Market Data

We also take various pieces of market data into consideration when estimating the value of your car online. For those wondering “what is the market value of my car?” our online valuation tool gives an accurate online valuation based on a wide number of factors, including the current market value of your car

Evaluate Your Car Price

Once all other aspects mentioned above are in place, we are able to evaluate your car price. From here, you can choose to book an appointment at your local branch and meet one of our friendly car experts to finalise the evaluation of your car. If you would like to sell, you can fill in a few simple forms and sell your car then and there.

How much is my car worth?

Free online evaluation calculator

How much is my car worth

Find out how much your car is worth with our quick and free online car valuation calculator. If you are looking to find out the value of your car in its current condition, you can quickly get a price from us by entering you car’s registration number in the box above and then adding some basic details such as mileage and number of previous owners on the following page. If you feel there are more details relating to the car’s condition that you should enter in order to get a more accurate quote on the value of your car, you can opt to enter additional details during your journey. From there you can book an appointment and sell your car at one of our 200+ We Buy Any Car branches.

Your car is unique, and so is your valuation. We start by using your car registration to tell us all about your car. The exact make and model, how old is it, what engine size it has, if it is a petrol or a diesel, you get the idea. All of these factors have an impact on how much money your car is worth

We combine that with some information that you give us about your car such as the mileage, the service history and the colour. Yes, colour can make a difference, along with all the little things that some car valuation engines just won't consider such as whether you have leather seats or a panoramic sunroof.

Using all of this information we look at the prices that cars just like yours are selling for and give you a price that we’re willing to pay. You can also get a free and instant online van valuation using our other website,

Price Quote Guarantee

7 day guarantee

7 day price guarantee

Even though we change our prices daily we guarantee your price for 7 days. So if you do want to sell to us you know that we will not try to negotiate further or knock you down on price.

Obviously, our valuation can only be based on the information we know at the time and the information that you tell us about your car. If you book an appointment with us a member of our staff will check your car over to make sure it matches the details you supplied online. If it does, we’ll confirm that the initial valuation was correct. If you wish to sell to us, we will transfer the money to your bank account.

If there are any discrepancies between your car and the details you gave us, or, if during the inspection, we discover something about the car that we were not previously made aware of, we may have to make an amendment to your quote.

Helping you get the best price for your car

Frequently asked questions

QWhat information do I need to get a car valuation?

There are a few details that you will be asked for in order to get your car valuation.

  • Your car number plate
  • The current mileage of your car
  • How many previous owners your car has had
  • The service history that you have e.g. full, part, none
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your postcode – to find your nearest branch
  • Your telephone number

Depending on your car make and model, the system may ask alternative questions such as whether the car has a built in sat nav or leather seats.

QHow long is my car valuation valid for?

Your car valuation is valid for 7 days meaning that you can visit one of our 200+ branches within 7 days and get the price that you were quoted online. Once you book your appointment and bring your car to branch one of our experienced VP’s (Vehicle Purchasers) will inspect your car to make sure it is in the condition you say it is.

QWhat documents do I need to bring to my appointment?

Once you are happy with your car valuation and booked your appointment you need to get your car documents in order. To complete the sale you will need.

  • Your car
  • V5 Logbook/reg certificate
  • Service history and MOT certsd
  • Both sets of car keys
  • Bank details
  • Finance settlement letter – if applicable
  • Extras including wheel locking nut, security codes for radio etc.
QWhy does my cars value differ when using other online valuation calculators?

There are countless online car valuation calculators around and no doubt you have tried most of them. Each tool will more than likely give you a different price than the last one. We look at factors such as amount of previous owners, service history and even color to calculate the price that we offer for your car. We have purchased over 1 million cars and therefore think our valuation tool is very accurate.

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