Richard Hammond Speaks out About his Departure from Top Gear

Richard Hammond Speaks out About his Departure from Top Gear

So it’s now old news to everybody about the car presenting trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May leaving the BBC. Whilst Jeremy Clarkson and James May were both perhaps quite loud about their exit from the long-running TV show TopGear, Richard Hammond was fairly quiet in that he didn’t really give an official explanation to his departure…well that is until now.

Although it was no surprise to any of us when he followed suit, Richard Hammond has finally spoken out about his decision to quit the show.

In his own words, “It all became a bit obvious past a certain point, you know, we do what we do and for whatever reason and whether you agree or not there are those that think we do it quite well, so it became obvious and I thought, well if we’re going to carry on doing that, we’ll do it together.”

Fair play to Richard Hammond, as it now appears his decision was truly based around his friendship and comradery amongst his long-running co-presenters.

We’re all now eagerly awaiting the new show to air in partnership with Amazon Prime, set to hit us sometime in 2016.

With a budget of £4.5 million per episode, we can’t even imagine what the new show is going to be like.




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