Over 1 Million Londoners Are Saving Money on Their Commute with ‘UberPool’

Save money in London with UberPool

Travelling during peak time in London can be a stressful and expensive ordeal, particularly for those who commute into the city centre. It’s no surprise then that over a million Londoners have taken to Uber’s new ‘UberPool’ service, which allows customers to arrange a car share with other commuters travelling in their direction, saving money in the process.

Uber claims that over 700,000 driving miles have been saved by customers using UberPool since the service’s introduction in the capital in November 2015, cutting down on customer costs when compared to the sole use of the company’s basic UberX service.

Cutting Spend and Emissions

After hitting a milestone of over 1 million customers since the launch of UberPool, the company claim to have saved a whopping 52,000 litres of petrol and over 124 metric tons of CO2!

Not only is the service having a great impact on London commuters’ ability to save money on their journeys to, from and around the capital, but overall CO2 emissions are decreased significantly too when compared to figures if both customers would have caught a solo UberX cab. There are many ways to save money, time and CO2 emissions and UberPool are doing a good job at contributing to that!

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Speaking at a conference this morning, Uber’s Jo Bertram said: “We’re really pleased so many Londoners have chosen to share their journeys in the first few months of this new service. Not only does car-sharing save consumers money, it’s also good for our city as it means fewer miles driven and less air pollution”.

“The number of people trying UberPool out is growing each week and we want more Londoners to leave their own car at home and share an Uber to get from A to B instead. That’s why we’ve just just doubled the area where people can request the service and plan to extend it even further in the coming months.”

Air quality is a big problem in London, largely due to CO2 emissions caused by transport, so it’s great to see companies like Uber looking into this and doing what they can to help.

We want to hear what you think. If it meant cutting travel costs and carbon emissions, would you be willing to share an Uber cab with a fellow-traveller? Vote in the poll below and let us know!




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