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Footy Stars’ Cars That Make Cents vs. Those That Show a Lack of Interest

Modern-day superstar footballers seemingly have it all: expensive mansions, huge sponsorship deals and incredible high-performance cars. While luxurious properties and profitable sponsorships are unlikely to cause our favourite footballers much of a headache over the years, their fleet of vehicles may be another matter!

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REVEALED: The best and the worst investments of the Premier League's highest earners

RankFootballerCarEst. List PriceEst. Price after 5k miles*Est. depreciation / appreciationPercentage increase / decreasePercentage of Value retained
1 Ibrahimovic Porsche 918 Spyder £625,000 £1,250,000 £625,000 100% 200%
2 Bastian Schweinsteiger Range Rover Sport £101,000 £88,850 -£12,150 -12% 88%
3 Mesut Ozil Mercedes G Class SUV £148,815 £130,050 -£18,765 -12.7% 87.3%
4 Paul Pogba Mercedes GLS 4x4 £101,175 £86,700 -£14,475 -14.4% 85.6%
5 Ya Ya Toure Porsche 911 Turbo £154,614 £131,334 -£23,280 -15.1% 84.9%
6 Sergio Aguero Lamborghini Aventador £450,000 £360,000 -£90,000 -20% 80%
7 David Silva Bentley Continental GT £185,200 £130,550 -£54,650 -29.5% 70.5%
8 Wayne Rooney BMW i8 £112,480 £76,867 -£35,613 -31.7% 68.3%
9 Eden Hazard Audi R8 £158,855 £96,100 -£62,755 -39.6% 60.4%
10 David De Gea Chevrolet Captiva £30,740 £17,175 -£13,565 -55.9% 44.1%

* Within 12 months

The real table-toppers

zlatan ibrahimovic car, Porsche 918 Spyder


Some would argue that Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Premier League goal-scoring record alone gives him the right to be as flashy as he wants – but his £260,000 weekly salary certainly doesn’t hinder him in that department either. And if his outrageous 32 yard, bicycle kick goal for Sweden wasn’t enough to backup the über confident striker, his Porsche 918 Spyder will do the job.

Ibrahimovic recognises a good deal when he sees it. His Porsche doubled in value as soon as he bought it, going from £625,000 to a cool £1.25 million, proving there are brains behind all that bravado.

Mesut Özil Car, Mercedes G Class SUV


Known as the Silent Gunner, Ozil is famous for his clever, intricate passes which create startling opportunities for his team. His well thought out nature extends to his car choices, with a practical yet stylish Mercedes G-Class SUV. Not only does this motor look good, it will hold almost 90% of its value after one year on the road battling the average rates of car depreciation. To see how much your car is currently worth, you can get a free online car valuation with webuyanycar.com.

They deserve to be relegated

Hazard Car, Audi R8


Recently hailed as the ‘game-changer’ that can buoy Chelsea up to victory, Eden Hazard has certainly made an impact on the field – reflected by his impressive £200,000 weekly salary. It seems that the midfielder could do with a one-on-one coaching session on sound investment, though, as his Audi R8 is only set to retain 60% of its value. When it comes to his savvy shopper skills, at resale time, he should be sent to train with the reserves.

Wayne Rooney Car, BMW i8 , Rooney i8


He has made headlines this month with his outlandish orange Bentley GT – a great investment, despite the odd choice of colour. Unfortunately, not all of Rooney’s cars have been such a wise choice. The BMW i8 he was seen in earlier this year is more Conference than Premier League. The England captain’s Beamer will lose more than 30% of its value within one year. And coming in for the sly tackle…

David De Gea Car, Chevrolet Captiva

De Gea

With a car dealer for a sponsor, it makes sense that Manchester United players would be gifted a Chevrolet upon signing with the club. While most choose to trade their Chevys in for a flashier model almost immediately, modest David De Gea is often seen tootling around town in his Chevrolet Captiva.

Typically it’s not the canniest investment for those having to fork out for the four wheels – in fact, after one year, the Captiva loses more than 50% of its value. Yet the fact that De Gea got it for free, puts him up there as one of the savviest players.

NOTES TO EDITORS: All depreciation values based on 2017 top of the range value and estimated value after 5,000 and 12 months

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