30 things we wish we could do in 30 seconds

We recently surveyed over 2,500 Brits to find out the 30 most tedious tasks we wish we could do in 30 seconds and asked the respondent to choose each answer that applied to them.

With 46% of the vote, selling their car was top of the list. Whilst we can provide a free online valuation in less than 30 seconds, it would be impossible to sell your car in that time. Nevertheless, our simple three-step process does allow you to sell your car in less than an hour at one of our 450+ branches.

The second most popular thing that people wish they could do in 30 seconds was painting a room (32%), followed by trying to book the perfect holiday (31%) and cooking dinner (30%).

The research also revealed that 83% of us put off more tedious tasks because they take too long. We also found that 63% of Brits would spend more time with their family if the tedious tasks in life took less time, whilst 38% would get some fresh air on a walk and 24% would put time to good use and learn a new skill.

You can see the top 30 tasks we wish we could do in 30 seconds below:

Task Responses
Sell your car 45%
Paint a room 32%
Book a holiday 31%
Cook dinner 30%
Defrost the car 28%
Find a new car 27%
Vacuum the house 26%
Take down Christmas decorations 25%
Do the supermarket shop 25%
Fly to a different country 24%
Wash the car 24%
Do the ironing 24%
Drive to work 24%
Get an MOT 21%
Move house 21%
Get your hair cut 21%
Change your tyre 21%
Get through airport security 20%
Renewing home or car insurance 18%
Receive delivery of an online purchase 17%
Full day at work 16%
Unload the dishwasher 16%
Pick something to watch on Netflix 14%
Charge phone to full 14%
Checking in for a flight 14%
Complete a HIIT workout 14%
Filling a tax return 14%
Write a report 14%
Start up your laptop 14%
Pick a restaurant 14%

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