Motoring Tips and Guides

When it comes to car ownership and driving, there’s no shortage of rules, regulations and pitfalls that UK motorists can fall short of. From checking and renewing your car’s tax and MOT certificates to monitoring your car’s emission levels, we’ll be filling this section of our website with useful guides and advice that you can use to improve your motoring performance!

Our Most Popular Guides

The MOT rules are changing in May 2018. Read our guide to find out how and why they are changing.

New MOT Rules for 2018

New MOT Rules for 2018: How are they changing?

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Are you looking to buy a used car? Follow our checklist for the top tips on buying a second-hand car.

Buying a Used Car

What to check when buying a second-hand car

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General Motoring Guides

Find out all you need to know about SORN, what it is and when you should use it.

SORN: What You Need to Know

A guide to SORN and when you should use it

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Knowing when your MOT is due is important. Our guide will help you find out when your due date is and other facts about the MOT.

When is my MOT due?

Everything you need to know about your MOT

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Do you want to know why car insurance rises and what affects the premiums? Our guide will explain it all.

Car Insurance Premiums

Why has my car insurance gone up?

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You can lower car emissions by changing your travel habits and future car buying choices. explains how you can do this.

Car Emmisions

Ways that you can lower car emissions

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Do you want a car that can tow a caravan? Find out about the rules and regulations to work out which car would be ideal for you.

Towing a Caravan

Can My Car Tow a Caravan?

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Are you looking to upgrade your old car and want to consider different finance options? Find out everything you need to know about a Personal Contract Purchase.

Personal Contract Purchase

Helping You Understand PCP

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A no claims bonus can help save money on car insurance premiums. Find out how to get proof of your no claims and what to do with it.

No Claims Bonus

How to get proof of your no claims bonus

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Do you have any questions about remapping? have the answers including what it means and how it works.

Car Remapping

What is Remapping? A Simple Guide

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Learn all you need to know about car tax including the latest rules and how much your car tax will be.

UK Car Tax Bands

How much is road tax for my car?

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Car valuation guides

Car Maintenance Guides

Taking care of your car will help to retain as much value as possible, this includes replacing your windscreen wipers when they become damaged.

Windscreen Wipers

How to change windscreen wipers

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Learning a few mechanical skills, for example, how to change a tyre, will help to retain as much of your car’s value as possible.

Changing Tyres

How to change a tyre, step-by-step

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We have created a simple video tutorial to show you how to check oil levels in your car and top them up the clean and easy way!

Check & Change Oil

How to change and check oil

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Do you want to learn how to jump start a car? Check out our short tutorial on how to do this the safe and simple way.

Jump Start a Car

A guide to jump starting a car

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