60% of motorist won’t drive anywhere without music on.


During a lifetime of motoring, we will spend 10 months singing in the car. The equivalent of singing your way through Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album 11,100 times.


Over a lifetime motorists drive enough miles to travel round the earth 24 times.


Parents will spend 24 hours driving their kids to and from school during their kid’s school career. Equal to sitting the SAT exam eight times.


The average motorist will spend 15 days of their lives driving round lost, in which time you could watch the entire series of Lost four times.


Over a lifetime motorists will drive enough miles to get to the moon and back.


We spend 87,840 minutes cleaning our cars, the equivalent to a Ryanair aeroplane cabin being cleaned 3,513 times.


The average motorist will spend 732 hours talking about their car over a lifetime. In which time you listen to 3,378 episodes of BBC Radio 4's The Archers.


97% of us won’t shed a tear if our car has to be written off, despite 20% saying they are emotionally attached to our cars.


85% of motorists would describe their driving skills as excellent or good.


We will spend 732 hours arguing with passengers over a lifetime, enough time to watch hit movie, The Break Up, 414 times.


Motorists will spend 85 hours over a lifetime quelling for fuel, the same time it would to walk from Southend-on-Sea to Blackpool.


A lifetime of driving will see brits travel over half a million miles, have one accident and spend the equivalent of nearly four years behind the wheel.

New research has revealed that the typical UK motorist will clock up 592,920 miles in their lifetime, which equates to 810 miles a month or 9,720 miles a year. Enough miles to get to the moon and back or round the earth 24 times.

Over the course of their lifetime, drivers will spend nearly four years behind the wheel – with 8,052 hours (or 11 months) spent on the motorway, 9,561 hours meandering through country lanes and 8,784 hours slogging through congested cities.

Typically, from the ages of 20-81 we will spend the equivalent of two months searching for parking spaces and the average person will suffer at least one motoring accident.

The study by webuyanycar revealed 23 percent of the 2,000 motorists polled had written a car off in the past – with four percent doing it more than once.

Parents will be asked ‘are we nearly there yet?’ as many as 60 times a year and 14 days of our lives will be dedicated to ferrying the kids around to clubs and friends’ houses.

We will spend the equivalent of 15 days driving lost or in the wrong direction, but on a lighter note, the typical person spends 10 months of their lives singing behind the wheel. The equivalent to singing along to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album 11,100 times.

The study found that the average British motorist will spend 61 days cleaning and 30 days servicing their car, and will spend another 30 days chatting to other people about their beloved vehicle.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar, said:

This research highlights how much of our lives revolve around our cars. Driving almost 600,000 miles is no mean feat and we are tested on a daily basis with congestion, squabbling children, work demands and elusive parking spaces.

Two years ago we issued a roundup of some of the strange items we had uncovered in cars and it’s safe to say that the things we’ve discovered since then have only become more bizarre.

For many of us our cars are a lifeline and we will experience a number of key life moments behind the wheel.

Richard added:

We know how precious people’s time is, that’s why at webuyanycar we offer motorist a quick and hassle free solution for selling your car, meaning you can get back to doing what you enjoy, like singing in your new car.

The study found that the average driver has had five arguments with other road users and has received one piece of bad news while on the road.

And they will have had nine bust ups with their passengers over the years and spilt one scalding hot drink on their lap while behind the wheel.

According to the nationwide study, the average Brit will pass their driving test at age 20 and just over a quarter (27 percent) said owning their first car was a rite of passage.

Three quarters of UK drivers said owning a car meant they had freedom and a nostalgic 23 percent said some of their best memories were from times in the vehicles.

A confident 85 percent of Brits rated their driving as good or excellent, but only 13 percent of those in the study said they genuinely knew their stuff when it comes to what is going on under the bonnet.

The average motorist has had to be recovered from a breakdown once in the last 10 years.

Almost a third (30 percent) of us are happy to admit to being clueless when talking to mechanics, but six percent admit to trying to ‘talk the talk’ with their local garage.

The study found most people (21 percent) changed their car every 2-3 years.