Top 10 Strange Items Left Behind In Cars Branch
1 £10,000 in an Envelope Under The Seat Melksham
2 A Blood Transfusion Machine Coventry
3 Bag of Horse Manure Falkirk
4 Box of Human Ashes Altrincham
5 Boxed Microwave Coventry
6 Customer's Ex-fiancé's Engagement Ring, Attached to The Spare Key Worksop
7 Four Year Out Of Date Tin of Beans Found Under Driver’s Seat Wrexham
8 Inflatable Man Grimsby
9 Order of Service For The Customer’s Mother’s Funeral Norwich
10 Pack of 20, 12-gauge Shotgun Shells Cheltenham

Lost and found: webuyanycar reveals the strangest things customers have left in cars.

A blood transfusion machine, a man’s ashes and a four year out of date can of beans - Just a few of the items discovered in cars sold to webuyanycar.

With over 280 car buying branches across the UK, you are bound to encounter a few interesting items left behind by car owners.

The UK's favourite car buying service, webuyanycar, reveals the weird and the wonderful belongings left behind by car owners. From the funny to the downright shocking, the list includes a lot more than the usual embarrassing CDs and collection of bags for life.

Amongst some of the more unsavoury items left behind in vehicles is a bag of horse manure, which was found in a car purchased in Falkirk. Unsurprisingly, the customer never returned to collect their maturing manure.

A buyer, at webuyanycar Wrexham, once found a four year out of date can of beans wedged under the passenger seat of a customer’s car. The thing that made the discovery shocking was the fact the customer had only owned the second-hand car for three years, meaning that the beans had been rotting away in the car for the entirety of the their ownership.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar, said:

At webuyanycar we always strive to go above and beyond for our customers and sometimes this means reuniting them with some strange items that have been left behind in cars.

Richard added:

Two years ago we issued a roundup of some of the strange items we had uncovered in cars and it’s safe to say that the things we’ve discovered since then have only become more bizarre.

One thing is always certain, no matter what your car may have been storing, we will be sure to buy it.

Sister company to webuyanycar, webuyanyvan, has also found some interesting items left behind in vans. The most bloodcurdling being a blood transfusion machine, left behind in a van purchased in Coventry.

Stowed away cash is one of the most common items to be mistakenly left behind in cars. The record sum discovered to date is an impressive £10,000, found stashed away in a large envelope underneath the passenger seat. This was one item the panicked customer did hurry back for.

Earlier this year, a customer visiting the webuyanycar Altrincham branch, in Greater Manchester, had come to sell his late father’s car. Once the customer had left, the buyer went to move the car, to find that the customer had made a grave mistake. Upon entering the car, the buyer discovered that the customer had left behind the box containing his father’s ashes. Thankfully, the ashes were promptly reunited with the customer.