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Clock Change Puzzle



It’s that time of year again, when the nights get colder, days get shorter and we gain an extra hour to our weekend as the clocks turn back.

To celebrate the clocks turning back this weekend, webuyanycar have created this clock change puzzle, which is baffling internet users across the country.


Can you find the clock?


Nestled amongst a sea of clocks with their hands set to 10’clock, there is one clock with its hands turned back an hour, to nine o’clock. The odd clock is hidden in a busy street scene in the specially created puzzle. Can you find the clock in question among the abundance of clocks, vehicles, roads, pavements and pedestrians?

European Road Trip Infographic

Could you find the clock in question?


We will reveal the answer on our Instagram on Sunday and to keep an eye out for it!

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar, said: “It’s always a delight when the clocks go back an hour and you gain an extra 60 minutes to your weekend. We thought it would be fun to create the puzzle to mark the clocks being wound back and give people a brainteaser to puzzle over.’’

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Webuyanycar also surveyed 3,000 British motorists to find out how we will spend an extra hour this weekend, finding that 80 percent of respondents said their number one intention is to bag an extra hour in bed.

A quarter of motorists surveyed admitted that they don’t always bother to update the time on the clock in their car and 27 percent said they weren’t exactly sure how to update it anyway. Impressively, over 90 percent of respondents were aware of the historical reasoning behind the clock change, with the majority of us remember learning about at school.