9 out of 10 Brits have driven to a holiday destination in the UK or abroad, with the average journey consisting of 3 loo breaks, 2 bouts of tears and 11 cries of "are we nearly there yet?" from a child passenger.


webuyanycar surveyed 5,000 families on their summer getaways and found that the typical road trip includes 5 rounds of eye-spy, 6 rounds of handing out snacks and 4 family sing-alongs.


However, as anyone who has even been on a long, hot family car journey will testify, our annual road trips are not always harmonious. We will take 2 wrong turns, have 3 arguments over what music should be played and endure 3 instances of someone being a ‘back-seat driver’.


Ed Sheeran was the most popular music artist for families to play in the car in order to pass the time, followed by Adele and Coldplay.


Not surprisingly, the typical family will get completely lost twice and will hand out snacks and drinks 6 times, in addition to 2 pit stops for food and drinks. One of the kids will feel sick or actually be sick and whoever is behind the wheel will shout at another motorist at least 3 times.


In order to get some peace and quiet, 85 percent of the parents polled let their children play on iPads or tablets during long car journeys, with half of parents admitting they don’t set time limits for children to play on their devices.


Thankfully, 9 out of 10 British motorists are confident that their car will make it to their holiday destination with no problems. And in spite of the stresses, 56 percent said there’s part of them that looks forward to a family road-trip, stating that it’s all part and parcel of a family holiday.