Sell your electric car

If you are looking to sell your EV, you can do so without the hassle by getting a free valuation in less than 30 seconds and selling your car in under an hour at one of our 500+ branches across the UK.

Why should I sell my EV through webuyanycar?

  • 30-second valuation

    You can get an online valuation in less than 30 seconds by entering your registration plate, mileage and a few personal details. It’s never been easier to get a valuation for your electric car.

  • Avoid the hassle of a private sale

    Selling your electric car privately can be extremely time consuming, with the hassle of having to prepare the car for resale, advertising the car for sale, arranging appointments with prospective buyers and potentially dealing with time-wasters. You can avoid this hassle by selling through ourselves thanks to our simple three-step selling process.

  • We will settle any outstanding finance

    Our recent survey of over 3,000 motorists found that just over 1 in 4 didn’t know they could sell a car with outstanding finance. If you want to sell a car with finance, all we need is an up-to-date settlement figure and your agreement reference number. If you are in positive equity, we will simply pay off the remaining balance and pay the rest into your bank account.

  • Only 13 minutes from your closest branch

    With over 500 branches across the UK, your closest branch is an average of 13 minutes away. You can book an appointment at a time that is convenient for you and sell your car in under an hour from getting your online valuation.

  • Get paid the same day

    You can get paid within 15 minutes by choosing our Immediate Payment option (fees apply). Alternatively, you can choose our next day payment, or if you’re not in a rush there are our standard payment terms which can take up to four working days.

  • 4-day price guarantee

    We offer a 4-day price guarantee on all our valuations, meaning you can have the flexibility to book an appointment at a time that fits your lifestyle. Our price guarantee also protects you from market fluctuations, so if the market demand for your car drops, we will still honour the price offered.

When is a good time to sell my electric car?

It may seem a strange time to sell an electric car with the government incentives to buy zero-emission vehicles. However, the demand for EVs is only increasing, meaning it could be a great time to sell and receive a good return on your car.

In addition, electric car technology is constantly improving, with manufacturers investing heavily in improving their batteries, performance and quality to win customers in an increasingly competitive market. As such, you may be looking to improve to an EV that has a better range than what was available when you made the switch to electric, or perhaps your battery performance isn’t as good as it was when you first purchased the car.

electric car illustration

Whilst electric car ownership is growing in the UK, there are still some concerns from motorists to make the switch to electric from a combustion engine. We surveyed over 3,000 motorists and asked them to choose each of their biggest concerns on buying an electric car from a multiple choice list:

No. Concern % of motorists
1 The range they can travel 71.7%
2 The purchase price 64.1%
3 Charging point availability 61.6%
4 The charging time 48%
5 The battery life 43.5%
6 The cost of repairs 23%
7 The cost of insurance 8.7%
8 The driving experience 6.5%

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