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Dancing on Ice

If you’re as crazy about ITV’s ‘Dancing On Ice’ as we are, then you’re sure to have seen our sponsorship idents, featuring key members of the webuyanycar.com team, all of whom just so happen to be pretty good at ice skating! Let’s have a run-down of our frosty A-team and get to know each member a little better…



Ben, Retail

From his colourful selection of shirts to his impeccable facial hair, everything about Ben simply screams “cool dude”. In his spare time, Ben is majorly into train spotting. Heading out each weekend to catch a glimpse of his favourite locomotives, Ben can often be seen at various stations across the UK, waving at trains as they pass, though passengers rarely wave back...


Tracey, PR

In Tracey’s case, ‘PR’ stands for ‘pie recipe’, because she’s crazy about baking! When Tracey isn’t treating her team to a delicious selection of home-baked goods, she’s cooking up creative new ways to spread the good word about webuyanycar.com to the UK public. No soggy bottoms in this office!


Adele, Reception

Adele is the pillar that holds up the team at webuyanycar.com HQ. Her calm and thoughtful nature is the perfect counterbalance to the hot-headed personalities in our IT department. Simply put, Adele is the Ying to our Yang, and we love her.


Paul, Finance

Don’t let Paul’s youthful good looks fool you, when it comes to finance, he’s as sharp as Jayne Torvill’s ice skates. Paul’s keen eye for numbers makes him the perfect person to head up our finance department, admittedly the fact that he can land a Triple Axel with his eyes closed is a convenient bonus.


Alan, Adele's Husband

We’ll be honest, Ed from Marketing was originally supposed to don the yellow suit, but his boxy and cumbersome torso made it impossible for him to get into the outfit. Conveniently, it turns out Alan, (Adele’s husband) is a seasoned ice skater, and actually brought his own skates just in case we needed him. Cheers Alan, you absolute legend.

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