Scrap my car in Birmingham

Are you thinking of scrapping your car at a Birmingham scrap yard? Instead, you could get more for your car by selling to us. Simply enter your registration plate below, add the damages and get a free valuation for your ‘scrap’ car in less than 30 seconds.

Why sell your ‘scrap’ car to webuyanycar?

  • Free online valuation

    It has never been easier to get a valuation for your ‘scrap’ car. Simply enter your registration plate, add a few details such as mileage, number of previous owners and any damage, and get a valuation in less than 30 seconds. If you’re happy with your valuation you can book an appointment at one of our Birmingham branches.

  • Branches across Birmingham

    We have multiple branches in Birmingham for you to book an appointment and sell your ‘scrap’ car. Whether you’re located in the city centre, Solihull, Smethwick or elsewhere in the city, you will only be a short distance from your local branch.

  • 4-day price promise

    From the moment you receive your valuation, the price will be guaranteed for 4 days. This helps to protect you from market price fluctuations and book an appointment to sell your ‘scrap’ car at a time that is convenient for you.

  • No obligation to sell

    At webuyanycar, we will never pressure you into selling your car and you are free to walk away at any point. Our Branch Managers will advise you on the process and allow you to make your own decision without using pushy sales tactics.

  • Get paid within 15 minutes

    You can sell your ‘scrap’ car in less than 60 minutes and get paid within 15 minutes by choosing our Immediate Payment option (fees apply). Alternatively, if you are in no rush for the money, you can choose our free, standard payment option which aims to get the cash in your bank within 4 working days.

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Find your local Birmingham branch

We have three branches in Birmingham, and two branches in neighbouring towns of Sutton Coldfield and West Bromwich. Unlike if you were to recycle your car at a local scrap yard, you can know the price of your car before you arrive from your online valuation. You can find your closest branch by entering your postcode below:

How to sell your ‘scrap’ car in Birmingham

It has never been easier to get money for your ‘scrap’ car than our simple three step process. Simply follow the instructions below and sell your car in under an hour!

Get a free valuation

Find out how much your car is worth in less than 30 seconds by entering your registration plate, mileage, number of previous owners and any damages.

Book an appointment

We have three branches within Birmingham and others located in neighbouring towns. Simply book an appointment at the most convenient branch at a time that suits you.

Sell your 'scrap' car

At the branch you will be greeted by one of our friendly Branch Managers who will quickly inspect your car and guide you through the process. If you’re happy to sell, you can have the money in your bank the same day (fees apply).

How we differ from a scrap car dealer

Unlike scrap car dealers, we don’t actually scrap your car, although it may be bought by a scrap dealer further down the line. Although you may consider your car to be ready for the scrap yard, there may be someone out there who wants to restore the car and make it roadworthy again. As such, instead of the car being broken down for spare parts or recycled for the metal, we will sell the car at auction, where it may be bought by a used car dealership, individual or even a scrap car dealer.

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