Sell my damaged car

Sell your damaged car to webuyanycar in under an hour. Simply get a free online valuation in under 30 seconds.

What is considered a damaged car?

Damage to a car could be caused by an owner not taking care of a car, an accident on the road or by general wear and tear. You could have minor damage which impacts the value of your car, such as stains to seats, small scratches to the bodywork or a chip in your windscreen. On the other hand, your car could have major damage from a collision which has resulted in the structural or mechanical elements of the car being significantly damaged, which will impact the value more.

Whether your car has minor or major damage, we will provide a no-obligation valuation in under 30 seconds and buy your car in under an hour - begin by simply entering your registration online.

Sell your damaged car without the hassle

You can get a valuation for your damaged car in under 30 seconds by entering your registration plate at the top of the page. We will provide the valuation based on the car’s condition (including the damage you’ve entered) and current market value. Once you have received your valuation, it is secured for 4 days to protect you from market price adjustments. This allows you to choose a convenient time to sell your damaged car at one of our 500+ UK branches.

At your appointment, our expert vehicle purchasers will carry out an inspection of the vehicle to ensure the details entered online are accurate. If all damage has been accounted for, you can sell your car for the price quoted online and you can have the cash in your bank within 15 minutes with our Immediate Payment option (fees apply), or you can choose our standard service which takes up to 4 business days.

Why sell my damaged car to webuyanycar?

  • No obligation valuation

    You can receive a no-obligation valuation in under 30 seconds by entering the registration of your damaged car and adding a few additional details. Don’t forget to add the damage to your car to ensure you receive an accurate valuation.

  • Over 500 UK branches

    If you are happy with the value of your car, you can book an appointment at one of our 500+ UK branches. The average journey time to our branch is just 13 minutes.

  • 4-day price guarantee

    We protect your online valuation from market value fluctuations for 4 days. This gives you time to book an appointment at a convenient time without worrying about the price of your car changing.

  • Avoid the hassle of a private sale

    Selling a car privately can be a stressful, tiresome process. Selling your damaged car to webuyanycar is simple and hassle-free, meaning you can get the cash for your car easily with our quick, convenient service.

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Selling a written-off car

If your car has been involved in a collision where the insurance company has deemed the car uneconomical to repair, your car will be categorised as an insurance write-off. Depending on the level of damage, it will either be a ‘Category A, B, S or N’. If your car is a ‘Cat N’ or ‘Cat S’ write-off, the owner could choose to repair the car. However, after an accident, the car will be less desirable and the value will be negatively impacted. Nevertheless, we will still buy your accident damaged car without the hassle of a private sale.

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