How to tax a car without V5

Last updated November 10, 2022

Your car’s V5C logbook is a very important document. It was issued as a record of the vehicle’s registered keeper - and also contains essential information about its registration date, manufacturer, colour and engine size.

Your V5C is considered critical proof of ownership and is generally requested when taxing or selling your car. However, V5s being damaged, misplaced or stolen is a fairly common problem among drivers. With this in mind, you may be wondering, “Can I tax a car without a V5C logbook?”

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Can you tax a car without a V5?

If you are a vehicle’s registered keeper, you can tax it without a V5, but you’ll need to acquire some separate documents: your DVLA V11 reminder and proof of a valid MOT. You should also apply for a V62 document in the meantime, which will allow you to get that all-important replacement V5C.

How to tax your car without a V5

  • First, you’ll need to apply for a replacement V5C. This can be done via the website. The cost of replacement is £25 - and it will usually take around 5 working days for your replacement V5C logbook to arrive.

  • When taxing a car without a V5, you’ll have to visit your local Post Office. Make sure you bring your V11 reminder from the DVLA and a valid MOT certificate (as well as a valid GVR or PSVC, if these are mentioned on your V11). If you live in Northern Ireland, you will also need a valid paper copy of your certificate of insurance.

  • When visiting your local Post Office branch, you will need to make payment by cash, cheque, debit card or credit card. You can also set up a Direct Debit to pay for your vehicle tax.

Taxing your car without a V5C or V11

If you don’t have your V5C or V11, you’ll need to apply for replacements for both. Both your V5C and V11 can be replaced by the DVLA, though you can also request a V5C replacement by acquiring a V62 form from your local Post Office.

Can I sell my car without a V5C?

Whilst it is legal to sell your car without a V5C document, we would advise against this. Selling without a V5C can adversely affect your car’s value. Some buyers, especially dealerships, may significantly lower their price. A missing V5C may also raise suspicion among some buyers.

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Can I tax my car while waiting for a logbook?

Yes, you can tax your car if you are waiting for a V5C logbook (or if your logbook has been lost or stolen) by visiting your local Post Office branch.