What is a V62 form?

Last updated January 6th, 2023

The V62 form is the document that drivers must fill in and send to the DVLA to apply to for a replacement V5C registration certificate when it is not possible to do so online. If you didn’t receive a V5C when you purchased a new vehicle, or within 6 weeks of registering it with the DVLA, you’ll need to complete a V62 form.

The V5C logbook is an important document containing key information about a vehicle and its registered keeper. Although it is possible to sell your car without a V5C logbook, this can prove difficult and will almost certainly reduce its market value.

Whilst running a busy household, it is easy to lose or misplace your V5C logbook. So, what can be done in this situation? Fortunately, you can request a replacement V5C through the DVLA.

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Where can I obtain a V62 form?

You can obtain a V62 form by downloading a copy from the DVLA website – or requesting one at your local Post Office branch.

Can you apply for a replacement logbook online?

The simplest way to apply for a replacement logbook is to do so online. It is possible to request a replacement V5C logbook online using the DVLA website unless:

  • Your name, address or vehicle details have changed.
  • You’ve sold, bought or transferred a vehicle.
  • You did not receive a V5C with your vehicle.

If any of these exceptions apply, you cannot request a replacement V5C online. Instead, you will need to complete a physical V62 form and send this to the DVLA by post. You can download a V62 form via the DVLA website – or obtain a copy from your local Post Office.

Where do I send my V62 form?

Your completed V62 form should be posted to the DVLA at the following address:

DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA

How much does it cost to request a replacement V5C logbook with a V62 form?

When applying for a replacement V5C logbook with a V62 form, you’ll be required to pay a flat fee of £25. This can be paid by cheque or postal order; you must not send cash with your V62 form, as this will be rejected by the DVLA.

How long does it take to process a V62 form?

In most cases, you should expect to wait around four weeks before receiving a replacement logbook. However, it can sometimes take longer for your application to be processed, due to reasons such as a heavier-than-usual DVLA workload - or incorrect information on your V62 form.

How to fill out a V62 form

A V62 form is made up of five sections. You must fill out every section of your V62 form, ensuring that you provide accurate information throughout.

  • Section 1 asks for your vehicle’s details, including its registration number, make and model.
  • Section 2 is for the keeper’s details – the details relating to the registered owner of the vehicle. This includes their full name, current address and contact details.
  • Section 3 asks why you don’t currently have a V5C – it’s crucial that you answer this honestly.
  • Section 4 is related to the £25 fee payable to the DVLA in exchange for your new registration certificate.
  • Section 5 must be filled out and signed to confirm that you have provided accurate information on your V62 form.

Frequently Asked Questions

When filling out your V62 form, you’ll need to include details about your vehicle (such as its registration number, make and model, etc.) along with your personal and contact details. You’ll also need to specify why you do not have a valid V5C and include a £25 cheque or postal order.

A V62 form is an application for a vehicle registration certificate (also known as a vehicle logbook, V5 or V5C). You can also use a V62 form to tax your vehicle whilst applying for a replacement V5C.

On the other hand, a V5C logbook is the actual vehicle registration certificate that is used to register your vehicle with the DVLA. It contains important information about your car, such as its registration date, make and model, colour, engine size – and registered keeper.

Once your application has been received by the DVLA, it will take around 6 weeks for them to process your request and issue your certificate. You must also ensure that there are no outstanding issues concerning insurance or road tax before they can approve your application. The cost of obtaining a registration certificate is £25 (payable by cheque or postal order).

If you have lost your V5C, you should request a replacement through the DVLA. Your V5C is an important document, especially if you intend to sell your car at any point in the future.

For more information, take a look at our guide on how to replace missing car documents.