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Selling your non-runner car


In the automotive industry, a ‘non-runner’ is defined as a vehicle that cannot move under its own power (or cannot be started at all). This may be due to a seized engine, an electrical fault – or structural damage sustained during a road accident.

Upon discovering that you have a non-runner car, you must decide whether to scrap your car, have it repaired to a driveable state - or sell your damaged car.

When deciding on the best course of action, you should consider factors such as the car’s market value in its present condition, the cost of the necessary repairs – and whether your car has a category. Remember, if your car has been classified as a Category ‘S’ or ‘N’ insurance write-off, it cannot be repaired for use on the roads. So, in this case, selling or scrapping are your only options.


How do I sell my non-running car?


When it comes to selling a non-running car, there are several options at your disposal:

Selling my non-running car on the private market

Selling your car privately can be trickier if the vehicle is a non-runner. Regardless of whether your non-runner car is a currently an MOT failure, it is certain to fail its next test unless it is repaired to a driveable state. (You can check your car’s current MOT status by running its reg number through our free MOT check tool.)

As your non-runner car cannot be driven, the buyer will need to arrange for it to be transported away at the point of sale. This will deter many prospective buyers. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find a willing buyer if you persevere.

If your plan is to sell your car in its current state, being honest and transparent should work in your favour. You should clearly state its non-runner status and insurance category (if applicable) when advertising your car.

Although having your car repaired to a roadworthy condition (and getting an MOT retest if necessary) will make it a more attractive prospect for private buyers, you’ll need to assess whether this is economically feasible – or even possible.

How to sell my non-running car at auction

If you have a non-runner car, you may also be able to sell it at an auction. As the car cannot be driven, you will likely have more success selling at a salvage auction than a traditional car auction.

Remember, a seller’s fee will usually apply – and you will also need to arrange for your non-runner car to be transported to the auction house.

Please see our guide to selling your car at auction for a more detailed explanation of the process to follow.


Can you sell your non-runner to webuyanycar?


Yes, you can sell your non-runner – or sell any damaged car to webuyanycar. After getting your free online valuation, simply book an appointment at any of our 500+ UK branches.

We can buy your non-running car from you, regardless of whether your car has failed its MOT – or if it has an insurance category.

If your vehicle is severely damaged and you have decided to scrap your car, you can sell to us as an alternative to using an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

Please note: We do not offer a collection service. Therefore, you will need to arrange for your non-runner car to be transported to your local webuyanycar branch to be evaluated by our buyers.

You should also arrange for the vehicle to be transported if you cannot legally drive it for any other reason. For instance, in many circumstances, it is illegal to drive your car after it has failed its MOT - even if the vehicle still runs.

If you are caught driving without a valid MOT, you may receive a fine and penalty points on your licence. See our guide ‘MOT fines: The law explained for driving with no MOT’ to learn more.


How to sell your non-runner to webuyanycar

  • Get a valuation in 30 seconds or less.
  • Make an appointment at any of our 500+ UK branches and bring your car to your local branch.
  • Our buyers will make an offer - and if you agree to sell, we will send the money to your chosen bank account.

For a more detailed explanation of our selling process, please see our ‘How it works’ guide.

Why sell your non-runner to webuyanycar?

webuyanycar is a trusted and popular car buying service. We have bought more than 3 million cars to date.

If you sell your non-runner to us, you’ll avoid all the hassle associated with advertising your car and finding a private buyer. Our valuation service is also completely free (this includes your initial 30-second valuation through our website and the final in-branch appraisal by our buyers) and there is no obligation to sell.

Our service is fast (the selling process typically takes around 20 minutes), allowing you to fit selling your non-runner car around your busy schedule.

We offer an Immediate Payment option, allowing you to receive the money from the sale within 15 minutes (an additional fee will apply). See our full terms and conditions for more information.


Frequently asked questions


In the automotive industry, a ‘non-runner’ refers to a car that cannot start or move on its own power.

Your options for selling a non-running car include selling privately, selling at an auction, using a car-buying service (such as webuyanycar) – and scrapping the vehicle at an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility).

To help you decide which option is best for you, we would recommend researching the market and requesting car valuations from any dealers and car buying services on your shortlist before committing to a sale.

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