Should I sell my car at auction?

If you want a quick sale for your car, you may be considering selling your car at an auction. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons, as well as alternative ways to sell your car quickly.


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What are the drawbacks of selling my car at auction?

  • Preparation

    Preparing your car for auction can be a time-consuming process. This could include researching the best type of auction for your vehicle, completing paperwork and transporting your car to the auction house.

  • Fees

    There are various fees that you may need to pay when selling your car at auction, such as entry fees, valet fees, commission, unsold fees and a charge for listing the car online. Fees will vary depending on the auction house and will ultimately reduce the amount you walk away with.

  • No guarantees

    There is no guarantee that your car will sell at the auction, and you may not get the price you are looking for.


What are the benefits of selling my car at auction?

  • Fast payment

    Most auction houses will provide quick payment to the seller once the car is sold. This may vary depending on the auction house and will be covered in the terms and conditions.

  • Quick sale

    Once you have listed your car and prepped it for the auction house, the car should sell that day providing there is no reserve price and there is at least one confirmed bidder.


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  • Book an appointment

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  • Visit one of our 500+ UK branches

    Take your car to your local branch where your car will be inspected by our expert Vehicle Purchasers and sell your car in under 60 minutes.

  • Get paid the same day

    Have the money in your bank within 2 hours using our Premier Payment option (fees apply).


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