Sell your MOT failure


As cars get older there is more chance that they may fail their MOT and, as motorists, this is something we all dread. Nobody looks forward to the terrible sinking feeling when you receive that MOT failure notice that proves your car’s unworthiness. Whether it is down to everyday wear and tear or a more substantial issue that has stopped your motor from being a runner, you still have to decide whether to fix the issue or consider selling the car and moving onto a new model.

You may think that if your car fails its MOT that no one will be willing to part with cash for it, but you couldn’t be more wrong. All cars have value even if they are not in the best condition and we at webuyanycar will live up to our billing. Regardless of the condition of your beat up motor we make an offer for every car whether it is old, in poor nick or is just in need of some tender loving care.

Our car buying service is the number one in the UK within a growing industry, which is now the trusted way to sell your car. Forget timewasters bad mouthing your poorly motor or holding you over a barrel when it comes to the price you get for it. We are willing to buy all cars offered to us and here are just some of the reason so many motorists choose our service as their first port of call when selling their vehicle:

Purchasing prowess

Part of our success is our size and ability to make an offer for any car made available on the market. With this under our belt we can not only bid, but act immediately to put the wheels of payment in motion ensuring that you don’t have to wait long to secure the cash you need for your motor.

Guaranteed sale

Let’s not beat around the bush, we will bid for any car for sale in the UK without fail. Nothing will put us off from age, condition or model. Many aspects make a difference to how much your car is worth, but if you answer the condition questions honestly then our offer is guaranteed to be the market value.

Great reputation

Since our beginning we have helped more than 2 million customers walk away with cash in their account from their car sale. Whether using this to fund other adventures, get a better package on their next car or just save some much needed funds, 86% of our happy customers agreed that we had made them a fair deal for their motor.


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