Registration plate

Retaining a personalised number plate

If you are selling a car with a personalised registration plate, you may be wondering how you can retain your personalised registration, transfer it to another vehicle or hold it for future use.

If you are selling your car with a personalised registration, you may be wondering what you can do with your number plate. Our in-depth guide explains how to retain your plate for future use.


How do I keep a personalised number plate?

If you have decided to sell your car and want to retain your personalised number plate, you’ll be required to fill out a V317 form. You can do this by completing an online application on the government website, or by post. There is a fee of £80 required to retain the registration plate and you will have the right to assign the number plate to a different vehicle for the next 10 years, which will be stated on your V778 retention document.

You will need to acquire your retention certificate before you sell or scrap your car - if you have transferred the ownership of the vehicle before the process is complete you will lose your registration.


Assigning a private number plate to another vehicle

To assign a private number plate to a new vehicle, you will need to provide a V778 retention document or V750 certificate of entitlement to the DVLA. You will be able to assign the registration to the new car online or by post, providing you are the registered owner of the vehicle.

If you have bought a new car from a dealership, you will need to give them the V750 or V778 document and ask them to apply the registration to the car. You will need to ensure the private number plate is removed from your existing vehicle before applying it to another car - if you don’t, you are risking losing the plate altogether.

If you want to transfer the number plate to a new vehicle, you’ll need the cars V5C document (log book), or the V5C/2 new keeper’s section of the V5C if you have only just purchased the vehicle.


Can I put my private registration plate on a financed car?

If you are the registered keeper of a car that is purchased on finance, you will need to apply to the DVLA to have your plate changed. If you have financed a car and don’t intend to keep the vehicle at the end of the agreement, you will need to arrange the removal of the number plate before it ends and put the original plates back on the car.


Can I put my private registration plate on a leased car?

You should be able to put your private registration plate onto a leased car by contacting the lease company. You can do this after you’ve taken delivery of the car by contacting the company and naming them as a nominee. When this has been processed, they will be able to transfer the plate to your leased car. There may be an admin fee involved and this should be outlined by the lease company.


Can I pass my registration plate to somebody else?

If you have decided to gift or sell your personalised registration plate to somebody else, you will need to name this person on the V317 application form. After the application has been processed, the new owner of the plate should receive a DVLA retention document confirming their ownership.


Do I need to apply for retention if I’ve moved address?

If you are the owner of a personalised registration plate and you’ve changed address, you will need to update your details with the DVLA. You can do this online if you’re updating your V570 document. If you are changing the address on your V778 document, you will need to do this by post by filling in the ‘change of address’ section and sending it to DVLA Personalised Registrations.

Similarly, if you have changed your name since acquiring your private number plate, you will need to update the information on your documentation. To do this you’ll need to send the proof of name change, which could be your marriage certificate, divorce documentation or a deed poll to prove you’ve legally changed your name.


What happens if the owner of the number plate has deceased?

A private registration plate can often be left to somebody in their will. If this is the case, you can keep the plate, transfer it to another vehicle, transfer it to somebody else or give up the rights to the number plate.

In order to retain the registration plate, you must provide the DVLA with a copy of the death certificate and proof that you have been passed ownership of the number. You can do this online or by post on the DVLA website.


Can I sell my car with a private number plate?

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