Selling a car with a private number plate

With webuyanycar, you can get a free and instant online valuation and sell your car, even if it has a private number plate!

Can you sell with a private number plate?

We strive to help our customers sell any car to us, no matter what the make, age or condition. One question that we commonly receive is "can I sell my car with a private number plate?" and the answer, as always, is yes! You can sell your car along with the private number plate to webuyanycar and avoid all of the hassles of swapping the plates over or putting them onto retention.

You’ll also be pleased to know that our online car valuation tool also works with private number plates, meaning you can enjoy the same quick, simple and instant free online car valuation service as the rest if our value visitors and customers.

To get an instant quote for your car, begin by entering your private plate number into the box on this page. From there, you can book a suitable appointment at one of our 500+ UK branches to meet one of our friendly car buyers who will take you through the entire process without any pressure to sell!

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Can I keep my private registration plate when I sell my car?

Yes, you also have the choice of keeping your private plate, transfer a number plate to another vehicle or putting the number plate on temporary retention, allowing you to either sell it or add it to another vehicle at a later date.

Doing this is all a very simple process but it must be completed with the DVLA beforehand. You will need to fill out a form to inform the DVLA whether you already have a car for the number plate to be transferred to or not. If not, then the plate will need to be transferred onto a retention certificate. To find out more about personalised number plates and what's involved, you can find the DVLA guide to removing a private number plate from a car here, and the DVLA guide to assigning a private number plate to a car here.

Sell a car with a private number plate the easy way!

When it comes to selling a car with a private number plate privately, it might be a little trickier than you expected.

Firstly, a private number plate is a personal ‘stamp’ on a car from a previous owner, especially when the private plate features their name or initials. While some buyers may not mind, it’s fair to say most would rather have a regular number plate or one of their own.

Secondly, there are occasional payments to renew ownership of the private number plate, a further additional cost that some buyers will not want to incur. While these may not seem like obvious issues, it could be more than enough to put off a prospective private buyer. However, with webuyanycar, you can sell any car with a private number plate quickly, easily and without any uncertainty. Enter your plate number for a FREE and instant online car valuation.

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