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It’s no secret that as the internet has become such as large part of our daily lives, it has had a huge impact on a vast number of industries and services. From the convenience of ordering products online and having them delivered directly to your doorstep, to browsing local service providers to find the best prices and deals from your mobile phone, it’s fair to say the internet has created a new era of convenient access to almost any product or service.

And it is exactly that which inspired us to create the UK’s most popular online car buying service. A simple website that offers a simple, yet incredibly revolutionary service; by simply entering your car’s registration number along with a few simple details, you can receive a free and instant online car valuation without having to take the car to a physical location.

And as if that were not simple enough, we have furthered the speed and convenience of our offering by creating a fantastic new We Buy Any Car app, allowing users to track the value of their car and monitor for increases in market value and demand.

But how can what was formally such a face-to-face process be revamped as a simple, instant online process? Let’s take a look at exactly how online car valuations work.

How Online Car Valuations Work

Our online car valuation tool is a quick, simple and free way to find out how much we value your car. It all starts when you enter your registration number into the box on most of our website’s pages. Once entered, we can identify the car from a huge national database of cars in most cases. From there, we request a few additional details, such as the car’s mileage, number of previous owners and the amount of service history you have for the car.

During this stage, users can also opt to add a more detailed report of any damage to the car. We assume that any cars that are entered without additional inf

ormation on damage such as scratches or chips are in great condition, serving a quote based on this, so be sure to add any existing damage for a more accurate valuation. By combining all of the information we’ve collected on the status and condition of the vehicle, we then apply external information to the valuation such as market value, demand and seasonality. After all of the information has been combined and processed by our pricing engine, you will receive your online car valuation. Simple!

What Next?

So you’ve received your online car valuation and want to know what comes next. You’ll be pleased to learn that we strive to make every step as simple and convenient as possible, much like our online car valuation engine!

If you’re happy with the quote you got online and would like to sell your car with us, you can book at appointment at one of our 200+ branches all across the UK. In fact, the average distance any customer would have to travel to reach their nearest branch is just 4 miles; it doesn’t get much more convenient than that! You can usually find our pods located in retail centres or industrial parks, but your nearest branches will be recommended to you on the appointment booking page. To ensure you get the best possible price, there’s plenty to you do to spruce up your vehicle, so be sure to check out our page on How to Get the Best Price for Your Car.

At the appointment, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly and knowledgeable Branch Managers, who will explain the whole process to you and walk you through the car selling process. The VP will take you outside for a quick inspection of the car’s exterior and interior, just to be sure the car is in the same condition you stated during your online car valuation, then it’s on to sign the paperwork. Once any required adjustments have been made to your valuation (should there be any newly-discovered damage or missing items), you can opt to sell your car then and there. Selling your car has never been simpler!


What to bring to your appointment?

We mentioned the essential bits and bobs you’ll need to bring to your appointment, but here’s a recap just in case:

• V5 Logbook/reg certificate
• Service history and MOT certificates
• Extra paperwork and records related to any car modifications or customisations
• Both sets of car keys
• Bank details of car owner/seller
• Finance settlement letter if appropriate
• Essential extras including wheel locking nut, radio security codes etc.

This is also a great checklist for anyone looking to buy their next car, especially if buying privately. Be sure to check if the new vehicle has each of the essential items with it before you agree to buy, this guide on why you shouldn’t buy a car without a V5 Logbook is a good insight into why.

So now you know how the entire online car valuation and car selling process works. It’s so quick and simple that in many cases, you can get your online car valuation, attend an appointment and sell your car all in one day!

Why Sell with

As mentioned above, our online car valuation and car selling process is designed to deliver a simple and convenient customer experience that eliminates all of the frustrating aspects of a private car sale. Selling a car privately can be a considerable uphill struggle, from dealing with countless ‘tyre-kickers’ and time-wasters to being visited by potential buyers at all hours of the night, there’s so much to be put off by the private car selling process.

And for those looking to upgrade to a new car, there’s another great reason to choose when selling your previous vehicle. You can use the cash you receive from us as a cash deposit to negotiate a much better deal on your new car, while avoiding any confusion or unnecessary loss of value suffered during the process of a part-exchange.

Our 3-step process is incredibly easy. From the second you enter your details and receive your quote, to the moment you leave an appointment at your local branch, you will notice how quick and easy selling your car with us is.

This highlights one of the main reasons that over 1 million customers have sold their car with, simplicity.

If selling your car privately sounds like too much hassle to you, be sure to value and sell your car with, the quick, simple and hassle-free way to sell your car.

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