Why are some cars worth more at different times of the year?

It may sound strange, but it is possible that your car may be worth more at different times of the year as prices can fluctuate over the seasons. If you are looking to sell your car, you are likely to consider the make, model and age when estimating the vehicle’s worth. However, you may not have considered the time of year you are selling your car and the effect this can have on the value. Take a look at our guide to understand why some cars are worth more at different times of year and when your car is more likely to be in demand!


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What cars are worth more at different times of the year?

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Spring is a great time to sell a convertible as the weather improves and people begin to look forward to warmer days and weekend trips. This increased demand raises the price of convertibles, city-car convertibles and premium sports cars throughout spring, and the summer months. Sports cars and super cars are more desirable during the spring and summer too. On the other hand, 4x4s and SUVs can see a decrease in demand as the temperatures rise.

As we enter autumn and winter, interest in 4x4s, SUVs and MPVs rise as these styles are more suited to the cold, wind, rain and snow that UK winters bring. Therefore, if your vehicle falls into these categories, you are much more likely to receive a higher value during the winter months compared to the summer.


How to get the best price for your car


When it comes to selling your car, you should first consider the category of the vehicle and what time of year it is likely to be more desirable. Is it more of a summer or winter vehicle? Is it worth selling your sporty convertible during the colder seasons, or should you wait until they are in higher demand so you can possibly achieve a better price?

Plate changes are introduced in March and September each year. If you sell your car after the change, it can have a negative effect on the value and resale price, therefore it may be a good idea to sell it while your car is still considered to be ‘newer’. You should also consider a similar thought process if there is a newer model being released in the near future, which could cause the value of the older model to decrease.


What time of year is best to buy a car?


Whilst winter may not be the ideal time to sell a convertible, it could be a great time to grab a bargain if you’re looking to purchase. The same theory can be applied to purchasing a 4x4 in during the summer months when demand is lower.

If you are wanting to purchase a new vehicle, it may be worth visiting an official dealership and discussing your options with a salesperson. With the exception of vehicles where there are a backlog of orders, car salespeople usually have sales targets to hit and are willing to provide discounts to secure your business – especially if you are taking out one of their finance packages.

February and August are good months to purchase a new vehicle as sales are often slow at this time of year due to drivers waiting for the new number plates in March and September. However, if you choose to buy at this time, it could have a negative impact on the future resale value of your vehicle when you’re ready to resell. The same logic can be applied to purchasing a vehicle shortly before the release of a new model, where dealerships are looking to offload excess stock.

December is also a good month for buying a vehicle as demand is low due to the Christmas and New Year period. The lack of demand can put financial strain on dealerships and can result in the buyer having more bargaining power, allowing you to get a better deal than what would be available in months where demand is higher, such as March and September.

If you are a cash buyer purchasing a second hand vehicle, you will have more bargaining power than if you are taking out a finance package. You could also get a better price selling your car for cash to webuyanycar than trading your car in at a dealership, meaning you will have more to spend on the vehicle of your choice.


How much is your car worth?


We have concluded the reasons as to why some cars are worth more at different times of the year, but these factors are not the only points to consider when trying to achieve the best price for your car. The demand for certain vehicles and the value fluctuates due to the seasons, changes to number plates, economic factors and the release of new makes and models. However, the reputation, condition and age of your car is also of great importance when it comes to how much a vehicle is worth.

To check how much your car is worth, you can use our quick car valuation tool. It’s really simple to use, start by entering your registration number and we will be able to inform you how much your car is worth today. You can use this tool to keep track of your cars value throughout the year and achieve the best price. At webuyanycar we’re happy to buy your car regardless of season – if you choose to sell your car to us, you can book an appointment at one of our 500+ UK branches.


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