Can you get a free car valuation without giving personal details?

Getting an accurate car valuation doesn’t have to be so complicated! With webuyanycar, you can get a free online car valuation without having to give many personal details.

Our car valuation tool

Using our free online car value calculator is a great way to find out how much your car is worth without giving excessive personal details or feeling pressured into selling. Many people find that by taking their car to a local garage or showroom for a valuation, they are pressured into selling or pushed into a sales process for a new car.

Here we’ll show you how to get a free car valuation without giving excessive personal details by using our handy online tool.

Using our car valuation tool

The webuyanycar car valuation tool is quick and easy to use; in fact, most users can get their free online car valuation in under 30 seconds! Here are the basic personal and car details you’ll need to complete the valuation; have these to hand before you start and you can receive your valuation straight away as seen in demonstration video below:

  • Car Registration Number

  • Car Mileage

  • Postcode (to find your local branch)

  • Email Address (for valuation updates)

  • Mobile Number (for valuation updates)

Which factors affect how much your car is worth?

By following the simple steps in the video below, you can receive your free online car valuation without entering excessive personal details.

The few details we do require allow us to update you with valuation changes, allowing those who are looking to sell their car to get a better price should the market value change. We also use the user’s postcode to suggest local webuyanycar branches, should you wish to book at appointment at your local branch. If you don’t want to receive valuation updates, you can choose to opt-out by visiting the 'Your Details' page.

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