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Are you looking to sell your Fiat? Value your Fiat with webuyanycar today and see how much you could get for it. To get an instant, free car valuation for your Fiat, enter your number plate below:

How to get a free Fiat valuation

Selling your Fiat all starts with a simple car valuation. Before you head to any dealership to buy your next car, wouldn’t it be great if you could get a quick idea on how much your car is worth? Well, with webuyanycar you can do just that.

Enter the number plate of your Fiat into our online valuation calculator, answer a couple of simple questions about the car’s condition and you can have a free valuation in less than a minute.

Start a quick, simple and hassle-free sale of your Fiat with webuyanycar.

How can I sell my Fiat?

Once you have received a valuation for your Fiat, the rest of the process is just as quick and easy. If you have been thinking lately, “I want to sell my Fiat”, then follow our simple guide on how to sell your car to webuyanycar. Step-by-step guide to selling your car:

  • Enter the car’s number plate into the car valuation calculator on our website and receive an instant valuation.

  • When there is a time convenient for you, book an appointment at your local branch. We have over 280 nationwide so, on average, there is a branch within 13 minutes of any UK location.

  • Your car will receive an inspection from our friendly experts to check the condition of the car.

  • Sell your car to us and you could have the cash in your account the same day.

What causes my Fiat to depreciate?

Many people wonder what actually makes a car lose value, but it is very simple. The reason your Fiat depreciates is the same for any other car. The main causes are the car’s age, mileage, condition and history.

When it comes to the age of the car, the number plate is a good indication of the year it was manufactured. Therefore, every time there is a plate change your Fiat becomes evidentially older. The plate change happens every March and September and it is when the number on the reg updates, for example, 17 and 67 were the numbers released in 2017.

There is no preventing depreciation, but if you take good care of your car, you could retain as much value as possible.

How do I get the best price for my Fiat?

Ensuring you get the best price for your Fiat at resale begins as soon as you buy the vehicle. Taking good care of your car by driving sensibly, taking it for regular services and fixing any issues immediately after they occur is important to ensure your Fiat remains in a good condition to retain its value. Keeping all your documentation safe and up to date is another effective way to receive the best value for your car, including keeping your service history book correctly filled in.

One final influence on your how much your car is worth is the time of sale. Not only does this mean selling your car before it ages another year, but also it depends on what style of car you own. For example, the convertible Fiat 500 could sell better in the summer months and the Dobolo MPV could sell better during the winter. This is all down to supply and demand. After all, who wants to drive with the roof down on a cold wintry day?

Once you have figured out when the best time for you to sell is, get your free valuation with webuyanycar today.

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