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Thinking about selling your Mini? With webuyanycar, you can get a free, instant online car valuation and sell your car at your local branch!

Cars produced by Mini have been British icons for years, having came into prominence in the 1960s and ‘70s (especially after their heavy use in the 1969 hit movie ‘The Italian Job’). With new generations of the Mini ‘Cooper’ taking UK roads by storm over the past decade, stylish Minis are no longer a rare sight.

So, if you’re wondering what your Mini could be worth, get an instant valuation for your car today by entering your number plate in the box above.


Why sell your MINI with webuyanycar?

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Over the years, the MINI range has expanded from the small hatchback to also include the Countryman SUV and Clubman Estate, so there’s now something for everyone. No matter which model you own, when the time comes to move on to your next vehicle, you may want to sell to someone you can trust. That’s why you should sell your car with

We offer a quick and easy service, starting with a free online valuation of your MINI, which you can follow up with an appointment at your local branch if you wish. For your convenience, on average, our branches are within 13 minutes of any destination throughout the UK.

webuyanycar are here to save you time and help you sell your car the hassle-free way. That’s why we are the UK’s number one car buying service.


How can I sell my MINI?

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If you are looking to sell your MINI but you’re not sure where to start, webuyanycar has created an easy to use service to take away the stress of selling a car. Follow our guide to see just how easy it is.

  • Find out how much your MINI is worth by entering your number plate into the and receive your car’s value in under 30 seconds (subject to inspection, price may change).

  • On average, our branches are within 13 minutes of any UK location, so when booking your appointment you should find a branch near you.

  • At your appointment, one of our vehicle purchasers will view your car and offer a fair price for it.

  • Sell your car to webuyanycar quickly and easily.


When should I sell my MINI?


The MINI range is full of style and performance, so it can be hard to give them up, but knowing when to sell your car is ideal to get the best value possible. You may want to keep your MINI for as long as you can, but it is advisable to sell your car before issues start to occur. The better condition your car is in, the more it will be worth.

Another factor to consider is the time of year. The model you wish to upgrade to will determine which season is the best time to sell to get the best value. For example, if you own a MINI Convertible, it could be worth more in the summer than in the winter. However, if you decide to sell this model in the summer, it should ideally be done before September hits and a new number plate is released. After a plate change, your car becomes another year older and can dip in value again.

If you feel now is the right time to sell your car, get a free valuation today.


Why does my car change value?


The value of all cars depreciates year on year due to a number of factors including age, condition, mileage, history and paperwork. A car’s history can affect how much it is worth, for example, how many previous owners it has had, the style in which it has been driven, how often it has been driven, and where and how many times it has been serviced.

The driving style the car has been subject to can affect the value, as this can have an impact the car’s condition. If its previous owners had bad habits, such as braking and accelerating sharply, this is going to take its toll on the car and inevitably affect how much it is worth. How often it has been serviced can influence the value because this can be another indicator of the car’s condition. All cars should be serviced annually and at a reputable garage and the service history book should be up to date. If this isn’t the case, then the value of your MINI could drop even more.

Knowing how a car can depreciate is a good start to retain as much value as possible.


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