Sell my Nissan

Looking to sell your Nissan, or interested in how much it might be worth? Webuyanycar can do that for you in just one click! Simply enter your number plate in the box and get a free and instant valuation for your Nissan today.

How can I sell my Nissan?

If you’re looking to sell your Nissan fast, then webuyanycar could be the car buying service for you. Our quick and simple approach cuts out any stress and timewasting. Follow our simple guide on how to sell your car. Sell my Nissan fast:

  • Enter your number plate into the car valuation calculator and receive your car’s value in under 30 seconds.

  • Book your appointment with your local branch. With over 500 branches there is, on average, a location within 13 minutes of anywhere in the UK.

  • Head to your local branch to meet our vehicle purchaser who will view your car and make an offer to buy.

  • If the offer suits you, sell your car and you could receive the money the same day.

What causes my Nissan to depreciate?

The Japanese manufacturer is well respected in the car world, but no matter how reliable your car is, it will still depreciate over time. Whether you drive around the city in a small Micra or you take the family out in your Qashqai, your car will lose value each year.

The mileage on a car can affect how much it is worth, the more miles you drive the more you are devaluing the car. The average miles to be driven in a year in the UK is 12,000, if you have a long daily commute, your annual mileage may exceed this and can have a big impact on the valuation of your car.

Another key influence on how much your Nissan could depreciate is its condition. Cars suffer general wear and tear as they get older and become less reliable, which is why age also devalues your car, but the condition can depend on how well the car is treated. Any dents, scratches and poorly fixed issues could all result in a heavy drop in value, as well as any internal issues due to bad driving habits, including harsh braking and accelerating.

If you want to sell your car before it depreciates any more, get your online valuation today.

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