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Thinking about selling your Renault or just interested in how much it is worth? Simply enter your number plate in our no-obligation, free and instant valuation tool today!

Renault offers a whole range of cars to suit the budgets and needs of a wide range of buyers. From the sleek Renault Twingo to the Renault Grand Scenic perfect for big families, the French manufacturer really does cater for everyone, making them a highly popular choice of car in the UK. However, if you want an upgrade on your Renault then simply enter your number plate above to get a free valuation and sell your car to


What’s the best way to sell my car?


Selling your car can be a stressful time. A private sale can be a time-consuming process trying to attract a buyer, and staying strong with your sale price while they try to haggle it down can be a strain on your willpower. But, it doesn’t have to be like that.

With, it doesn’t have to be hard work to sell your Renault. Our service is designed to be quick, simple and hassle-free. To receive a valuation and see how much your Renault could be worth, the first step is to enter your number plate into the online valuation calculator and you could have the result in less than a minute. If you are happy with the value, book an appointment at your local branch for an expert inspection, receive your valuation there and then and you could make the sale the same day.

It’s as simple as that and that’s why is the best way to sell your car. We’ve bought over 3.5 million cars, so why not join our customers and enter your number plate above.


How can I sell my Renault?

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Is it time to sell your Citroen? You can sell your car in no time with zero fuss thanks to the simple process. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to sell your car.

  • Begin by finding out how much your car is worth by entering your number plate into our car valuation calculator and answering a couple of questions about your car’s condition.

  • If you’re happy to continue, make an appointment at your convenience at a branch near you.

  • Industry experts will check the condition of your car and offer a fair price for resale.

  • When the deal is done you could have the cash in your hand the same day.


When should I sell my Renault?


Knowing when to sell your Renault is the trick to receiving the best value for your car. Whether you’re upgrading to a sportier model or opting for a more economically efficient car, who doesn’t want to get the best deal when selling their old car?

The most obvious time to sell is before the annual plate change. Every March and September, when a new plate is launched, your car will lose even more value. Selling up before the next number plate is the ideal time to move on.

Cars inevitably become less responsive as they age. Therefore, it is also a good time to move on before too many issues arise with your vehicle. As soon as the car starts to fail and needs regular trips to the garage, then you will struggle to get a good deal. Sell your Renault while it’s still in a good condition.


Why does my car's value change?


Renault is a reliable car manufacturer, but it isn’t so reliable that it misses out on depreciation. All cars lose value over time due to age, mileage, condition and other factors that mean the car isn’t worth as much as when it was first bought.

One influencer that can affect a car’s value, which isn’t the most obvious, is the paperwork. If all the vital documentation isn’t available when it comes to selling the car, then it will automatically depreciate even more. Unlike the logbook, a full service history isn’t a legal requirement to sell your car. However, if it is incomplete, it indicates the vehicle may not have been looked after and will be much less attractive to buyers.

Ensuring your Renault is in the best possible condition with all the correct and up to date paperwork, will put you in a good position to get the best value for your car.


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