Survey Reveals Brits Want To Be Entertained In Driverless Cars

  • 24% of Brits would watch TV during a commute in a fully autonomous car
  • 18% of Brits would watch films during a commute in a fully autonomous car
  • 16% of Brits would play video games during a commute in a fully autonomous care

A new survey reveals that Brits want to be entertained when commuting in driverless cars. The OnePoll survey, conducted by, asked 2000 UK motorists who currently drive to and from work what they would do during a commute in a fully autonomous car.

The results revealed that almost a quarter of motorists (24%) would watch TV whilst commuting in a fully autonomous car, 18% would watch films, 27% would listen to podcasts, and 16% would play video games.

When it comes to gender, men are more likely to consume entertainment in driverless cars. The results show that men are more likely to watch TV in driverless cars (28%) compared to women (22%), more likely to watch films (21%) compared to women (16%), and more likely to play video games (21%) compared to their female counterparts (13%).

In terms of age, millennials are the demographic with the highest demand for entertainment in driverless cars. When breaking the responses down by age, 19% of 18 to 24 year olds would watch TV in driverless cars, 14% would watch films, 17% would listen to podcasts, and 1 in 10 would play video games.

Richard Evans, the head of Technical Services at WBAC said “The results from our survey show that commuters already see driverless cars as an extension of their living space. Commuters have a clear demand for digital entertainment services within driverless vehicles. As well as being able to log in to your own streaming or online gaming accounts, there may be an opportunity for entertainment providers to include pay-per-view and pay-per-play services in driverless cars so that commuters can access entertainment on demand during their journey. ”

Notes to Editors:
The raw survey data that includes age, gender and region demographics can be provided upon request.

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