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At webuyanycar, we get more than a few messages from our Twitter and Facebook followers asking if we would buy a variety of weird and wonderful vehicles, and as you may have guessed the answer is almost always yes!

Regardless of whether the vehicle in question is an everyday motor or an imported collectable model, we want any car that can be brought to branch with proof of ownership.

While many traditional methods of selling your car can make the process a long and arduous task, we’re able to give you a free online car valuation in under 30 seconds and in many cases, buy your car on the same day.

There’s a good reason that we strive to offer a car buying service that offers to buy any car. We noticed some huge problems with the traditional methods of selling a car; be it the uncertainty of selling privately or the various pitfalls and losses of value that come when part exchanging or selling to a dealer.

We want to create a service that offers a fast, reliable and hassle-free way for customers to sell any car without wondering how long the whole process will take. With us, the process is incredibly quick, easy and straightforward!

What kind of cars do we buy?

As previously mentioned, we want any car, regardless of age, value or condition; let’s take a look at some of the kinds of car we buy every day at our 500+ UK branches!


We buy thousands of 4x4s each year, particularly in more rural areas of the UK. From classic 4x4 models such as early models of the popular Land Rover Defender, to more modern ‘urban’ iterations of the 4x4 such as the Nissan Qashqai. Owners of some of the less fuel-efficient 4x4s are looking to sell now more than ever, due to the new taxes and surcharges recently proposed by the government for less economic vehicles.

You can also use your valuation to set a minimum and maximum asking price, which can prove useful should you need to negotiate with a buyer. 


Nothing says ‘summer road trip’ quite like an image of a sporty convertible traversing the open road with the top down. However, many convertible owners choose to sell these sporty models throughout the cold Autumn and Winter months in search of something better-equipped for the rain, hail and snow that frequents the UK each year. Demand for convertibles is much higher in summer months, so selling around summer could help you get a better price!

Family cars

The most common cars we buy are everyday, run-of-the-mill family cars. These reliable runabouts are used by millions in the UK to ferry the kids from place to place, get parents to work on time and carry the weekly food shopping each week. As mentioned previously, we want any car that can be brought to branch, so we’re just as happy to buy everyday family cars as we are luxury and sports cars!

City cars

As congestion in city centers and growing fuel costs have become a more prominent in the minds of consumers, the popularity of the small and economical city car has increased dramatically. Since the introduction of the SMART car and other popular city car models such as the Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo, the sight of these miniature motors is no longer a novelty, and we buy plenty of them!

Executive / Luxury

Higher-end executive cars are extremely popular with business professionals, namely because their comfortable interiors and well-equipped communications systems make them ideal for long business trips and commutes. However, these luxury vehicles are updated frequently and buyers love to own the latest models, so our convenient car buying service is the perfect way to quickly sell the previous model and put a cash deposit on the next car!


When we say that we want any car, we mean it! We’re more than able to accurately value and purchase high-value supercars, and have done so many times over the years. The process of selling a high-performance supercar to us is just as simple as selling any other vehicle, simply retrieve your online valuation, book an appointment at one of our 500+ UK branches and sell your supercar at your convenience!

This is just a small sample of the categories of cars we want. As long as your vehicle can be brought to your local webuyanycar branch and you have all of the supporting documents, we will buy your car!

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