Selling a ‘Cat D’ car

Selling a car comes with a whole host of responsibilities, from keeping and supplying all relevant documentation during the handover, to ensuring the true condition of the car is made clear to the buyer, including any existing damage or mechanical issues. This is a good introduction to the subject of selling a ‘Cat D’ car, a topic which we’re asked about regularly. As the UK’s leading online car buying service. Let’s examine what qualifies a car as ‘Cat D’, and how that can impact the overall value and interest in the car.


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What is a 'Cat D' car?

Cat D car after a collision

While browsing used cars online you are likely to notice that some of them are listed at ‘Cat D’ or ‘Cat C’, and that the cost of these vehicles is significantly lower than other models with similar age and mileage, and there’s a good reason why.

There are four main categories used by insurance companies to define the level of damage sustained by cars involved in collisions and accidents. The four categories are labelled A, B, C and D. A ‘Category D’ car (or ‘Cat D’ as they are commonly referenced) is a vehicle which has sustained a moderate level of damage, but the necessary repairs cost less than the current market value of the car.

So when you see a used car for sale listed as Cat D, it’s likely that there is either some existing damage to the vehicle (which will incur a further cost should you wish to repair it after purchasing), or the damage has already been repaired before the vehicle is put up for sale.


Selling a Cat D Car


Now we know what a Cat D car is, we can understand why these cars having a lower resale value, and why these cars should be openly advertised as Category D vehicles at resale.

A Cat D car’s value will be noticeably less than another model with the same age, mileage, history and documentation. This is because there is an element of risk involved for the buyer, even if cosmetic damage to the vehicle has been repaired, the vehicle has still been involved in a collision.

It is this factor which can make selling a Cat D car privately considerably more difficult, especially when listing the car on an online car selling website such as Auto Trader, which rightly label Cat D and Cat C cars as such. Private buyers are often unwilling to take the risk involved with buying a Cat D car, especially if you are looking to sell the car without paying for the damage to be repaired. Luckily there is a quick and reliable solution available with


Do buy Cat D?

Cat D car front view

Yes, we buy ANY car! While many people struggle to sell a car classified as Cat D privately, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can sell a Cat D vehicle just as quickly and easily any other vehicle, by simply entering your reg number on our homepage and getting your FREE and instant online car valuation.

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