Selling a ‘Cat S’ car

There are a number of things to consider when selling a car, especially when it has been written off by an insurance company. Selling privately is a time consuming process, and selling a Category ‘S’ car is harder due to the vehicle being less desirable after an accident. You can sell to webuyanycar in under 60 minutes – get a free, no obligation car valuation by entering your number plate in the box above.


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What is a ‘Category S’ car?


There are four main categories that insurance companies use to categorise the level of damage suffered by a car in an accident. These are labelled A, B, N and S. If your car is labelled as a ‘Cat S’ it has suffered structural damage during an accident and been written off by the insurance company due to it not making financial sense to repair the damage.

After the car is written off by the insurance company, they will often sell it for salvage, or spare parts. Sometimes the car will be bought and repaired, then sold to a new owner. If the car has been repaired to a high standard, there is no reason that the car shouldn’t be as reliable as before the accident, but there is an element of risk involved for the buyer if the car hasn’t been repaired to the manufacturer’s standard. As a result, the value of a ‘Cat S’ is lower than the same vehicle that hasn’t been involved in an accident at resale.


Selling a ‘Category S’ car

Category S damaged car

Selling a ‘Cat S’ car can prove much more difficult than a car that hasn’t been involved in a collision. Private buyers are often reluctant to buy a written off vehicle due to most being uneducated on the damage a car has sustained and there being question marks over whether the car has been repaired to a factory standard.

Selling a written off vehicle will also have an impact on the value due to their being a higher ‘risk’ involved for the buyer. Furthermore, buyers may want to have a third-party inspect the vehicle to ensure that there are no underlying issues, which will be an additional effort and expense. Insurance can also be an issue with ‘Category S’ cars, with some insurance companies charging more for cars which have been previously written off, and others not insuring them at all.


Will webuyanycar buy my ‘Cat S’ car?

Category S damaged car

Trying to sell a ‘Cat S’ car privately can be a struggle, whereas webuyanycar will buy your car in under 60 minutes. Simply enter your registration plate on our free car valuation tool and we will give you a FREE, no-obligation valuation for your car in less than a minute.

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