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Selling your LHD car


Left-hand drive (LHD) cars are perfectly legal to drive but can be trickier to handle than their right-hand drive (RHD) counterparts (which account for the majority of cars on UK roads).

Driving on the left side of the road has been mandatory in the UK since 1835, which means common manoeuvrers such as overtaking, parallel parking and negotiating roundabouts can be difficult in LHD cars. What’s more, when driving on the left in a LHD car, you won’t have the same level of visibility as you would in an RHD model.

Due to these driving difficulties, demand for LHD models is low. Given that the majority of cars sold in the UK are RHD, when you see a LHD here, there’s a good chance it’s an import. (You can find out whether your car is imported using our free car import check tool.)

It’s easy to see why, as a LHD driver, you might eventually look to sell your car and pick up a RHD instead. When it comes to selling your left-hand drive motor, there are a few additional challenges to navigate, but the process is broadly the same as with a RHD model.

In this guide, we will explain how to sell your left-hand drive car and the different selling options at your disposal. We’ll also cover the steps you can take to ensure you get a great price for it.

How to sell your left-hand drive car

If you want to swap your LHD for a RHD alternative, there are many ways to sell your car including:

Before you sell your left-hand drive, make sure you have all the documents you need to sell your car, such as:

  • The V5C logbook.
  • MOT certificates.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Import documents (if applicable).

You should also check that both sets of keys are available. If not, we recommend replacing the lost keys before selling the car. (Missing keys can significantly reduce your car’s value.)

Where do I sell my left-hand drive car?

It can be difficult to sell a left-hand drive car on the private market. Many prospective buyers will be deterred by the challenges around navigating UK roads with a LHD.

    • If you do decide to sell privately, ensure that you include plenty of photographs of the vehicle with your ads. State clearly and prominently that the vehicle is a left-hand drive to avoid any confusion amongst potential buyers.
    • If you decide to sell through a dealership, contact them beforehand to make sure they buy left hand drive cars to avoid disappointment.

Whilst both options are viable ways to sell your left-hand drive motor, they do have their pitfalls. Many left-hand drive car owners have difficulties finding private buyers, while some dealerships simply do not accept left-hand drive vehicles as there is less demand for them.

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