How to sell a car safely

Selling a car can be a difficult and stressful task, particularly if you decide to sell privately. When selling privately it is important to remain vigilant and aware of any possible scams to keep yourself safe.

From the payment to the test drive, there are multiple opportunities where scammers could take advantage and the seller must remain careful. Here are our tips on how to stay safe when selling a car.

Sell your car safely online

Selling online can be a risky way to sell a car. Being aware of people trying to scam you is important when it comes to selling online, you should do extra checks to ensure you know whom you are selling to. Don’t provide any vital information, particularly card information and always meet the buyer in person.

Selling your car online can be risky. Sell your car the quick and safe way to

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How to accept payments

There are few options for payment, for example, an online bank transfer, cash or a cheque. Whichever method you choose, it is important to be careful and minimise any risks.

  1. Online bank transfer


    This is possibly the easiest and quickest form of payment, but you may not want to pass on your bank details. If you’re wary of the buyer, don’t give them your details and pick another way to receive payment.
  2. Cash


    This can come with risks as you could be holding a lot of money, however, if you accept the cash inside a bank, the cashiers can count it and check that the money is legal tender.
  3. Cheque


    This is increasingly the least popular payment method due to the time it can take for a cheque to clear. However, if you do intend to accept a cheque, ensure to check the buyer’s details are correct and that the cheque is in their name. The last thing you want is for the cheque to bounce after the keys have been handed over with no way of contacting the buyer. Ask for proof of their name and address and make sure the cheque has cleared before the sale is complete.
  4. Lastly...


    provide a receipt for the buyer and keep a copy for yourself as proof of the sale, and never let the buyer drive off with the vehicle until the payment successfully arrives in your account.

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Be a responsible seller

As the seller, you have responsibilities to reassure the buyer that they are buying a car safely. The best way to do this is by proving you are the legal owner of the car and there are no issues, including outstanding finance, by having all the paperwork to hand. This includes the V5C, the service history and MOT certificate. Also, be honest about the vehicle’s condition to prevent any future disputes about misrepresentation.

If you are selling your car privately, you must be a responsible seller, or you can sell your to

Keep your car safe

The potential buyer should not be allowed to test drive the car on their own. The seller should remain with the vehicle at all times, as well as keeping hold of the keys. When changing seats, it is advisable to take the keys out of ignition to avoid giving the buyer an opportunity to steal the car. Before the buyer should be allowed to test-drive the vehicle, you should make sure they are legally allowed to by checking their driving licence and ensure they are insured to drive your car.

When selling your car privately, you should keep yourself and your car safe from the potential buyer.

Sell on your own turf

Meet the potential buyer at your home or at a destination you are familiar with. Don’t meet in a lay-by or in the middle of nowhere. Keep yourself safe and in control at all times.

There is quite a lot to think about when selling privately. If you want to sell your car quickly and without any hassle, then why not do it the easy way and sell your car with

If you are selling your car privately, it is advisable to sell your car at a destination you are familiar with.

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