How to change a tyre

Keeping your car in a good condition can also ensure your vehicle doesn’t lose as much value when you come to find out how much your car is worth at resale. Watch our short video tutorial and learn how to change a car tyre the safe and simple way!


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Changing a tyre


A concerning 55% of motorists don’t know how to change their car tyre and basic car maintenance is a great skill to have. Learning how to change a tyre is something every driver should take the time to do. Not only can changing a tyre yourself get you out of a pinch when you find yourself stranded with a flat tyre, but it could also save you a ton of money of emergency recovery costs, for those without breakdown cover.

So, if you've been thinking lately, "how do you change a tyre?" learning how with the use of our short video is quick, simple and very straightforward. Click play and learn now!


What you'll need

  • Spare tyre

    Most cars tend to come with a spare tyre, so be sure to locate where yours is stored to save time should you actually need it.

  • Car jack

    You’ll also need a car jack to safely and securely lift the car high enough to switch the tyres.

  • Tyre wrench

    Removing the nuts or bolts that hold your wheel in place requires a tyre wrench, which should be located near your spare tyre.

  • Locking wheel nut

    Each wheel will have one nut that is different from the rest, which requires a locking wheel nut to remove.


How to change a tyre: Step-by-step

  • Before we begin. it’s important that you try to find a safe spot to change your tyre, busy areas with passing traffic can be a dangerous place to attempt a change.

  • Use the tyre wrench to loosen each of the 4 regular wheel nuts, around a quarter-turn in a counter-clockwise direction. If needed, use your car’s locking wheel nut to loosen the final bolt.

  • Locate the recommended car-jacking point under your vehicle by checking your handbook, and then use the jack to lift the wheel until it is clear of the ground. Stay clear of the space under the car, just in case the jack collapses.

  • Once the tyre is clear of the ground, you can use the tyre wrench to fully remove each of the nuts and then remove the tyre by pulling it towards you.

  • Put the spare tyre in place, lining up the lug nut posts with the holes in the spare, then push the tyre onto the wheel base as far as possible.

  • Place each of the nuts back into the holes, and tighten with your fingers to hold the tyre in place.

  • Now use the car jac to lower the car fully back to the ground, and remove the jack from underneath the car.

  • Finally, use your tyre wrench to fully tighten each nut as much as possible.


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