How to change windscreen wipers

Taking care of your car will help to retain as much value as possible, so learning a few skills to keep your vehicle in a good condition will benefit you when you come to find out how much your car is worth. Watch our short video tutorial and learn how to change windscreen wiper blades the easy way!


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Changing windscreen wipers


Old and worn-out windscreen wipers can be both an annoyance and a hazard in wet or snowy conditions. Not only do older windscreen wiper blades tend to make a dreadful squeaking noise as they move, but they also smear rain, snow and dirt across your windscreen, impeding your ability to see where you’re going even further!

In this short and simple video, we will answer all your questions including how to remove the windscreen wiper arm and how easy it is to make the change. Click our video to learn how to change windscreen wipers now!


How to change windscreen wipers: Step-by-step

  • First, turn off the car engine and remove the key from the ignition to eliminate the possibility of the wiper arm moving once the blade is removed.

  • Next, lift the windscreen wiper arm away from the glass, locking them in an upright position if your car allows them to fully extend.

  • Locate and pop open the locking tab, or push down on the locking button.

  • Slide out the windscreen wiper and hold the wiper arm in place, if it were to spring back onto your windscreen without the wiper blade attached it could crack the glass.

  • Take your new windscreen wiper and slide it into place, if your wipers feature a locking button you should see it click into place, wipers with a locking tab may need manually clipping back into place.

  • Place each of the nuts back into the holes, and tighten with your fingers to hold the tyre in place.

  • Finally, gently lower the wiper back onto the windshield.


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