How much less are Category D cars worth?

In 2017, new insurance write-off categories were introduced to replace both Category C and D.

These new categories, Category S and Category N, were introduced to focus more on the condition of the vehicle rather than the cost of repair. These changes have been applied to cars that were more recently written-off but there are still plenty of cars on the roads that are rated Category D.


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What does Category D mean?


Insurance companies will classify a car as a write-off if they consider it too costly to repair. The damage to the car may have been caused by a road accident, a flood, a fire or during the theft of the vehicle, for example. The insurer will then pay an agreed amount to the owner and then dispose of the car. The categories, ranging from A to D, were used to classify the condition of the car and the severity of the damage.

Under the old system, a Category D car will be in a better condition than a car classified A, B or C. Category A would mean that the car and all its component parts are very badly damaged, deemed unsalvageable and must be scrapped and not allowed back on the road. Category B cars are also considered very badly damaged, not allowed on the road, but parts may be salvaged from the vehicle.

A Category C or D rating means that the car can be on the road legally (once repaired) but the insurance company has decided it is too expensive to arrange repairs. In the case of a Category C, the repair costs are considered more than the value of the vehicle and for Category D, the repairs are less than the total costs of the vehicle, but not considered cost effective to repair by the insurer.

Insurers often make these judgements based on the price of stock car parts from a manufacturer and the labour costs to repair.


How much are Category D cars worth?

Man fixing a category D car

Cars listed as Category D are considerably lower in value compared to other similar cars, even if they are the same model and age. This is reflective of the risk in buying these vehicles, as any prospective buyer would have to be satisfied that repairs to the vehicle were done to a professional standard. Many vehicles classed, as Category D (or C/N/S) will have been sold through a salvage auction; vehicles purchased from a salvage auction may not have received repairs, which are guaranteed by an approved repairer. Repairs that are not to a good standard could mean the vehicle is unsafe, or require correction at a later date. Consequently, this makes selling a Category D car more difficult as there is reduced audience interest, as repairs to these vehicles may be to an unknown standard.

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