Sell your salvaged vehicle

Insurance companies will sell vehicles as salvage when they do not worth consider them repairing such as following an accident, flooding, or an expensive mechanical issue. Insurance companies will also use salvage auctions to sell stolen and later recovered vehicles.

The provenance of these vehicles cannot be determined, as they may have been stolen or damaged at some point in their history. Repair work that may have been conducted cannot be verified, and may not have been undertaken correctly.

Yes we can. If your vehicle has been identified as being previously sold as salvage after you book an appointment, we will contact you to advise of the revised online valuation (subject to onsite appraisal). You can then decide whether you wish to proceed and attend the appointment, or cancel.

Our Salvage search check cannot be deployed at the same time as when the original online valuation is presented to you, we can only conduct the search tool once an appointment has been booked.

If you are not happy with the revised valuation, you can cancel your appointment without obligation.

To cancel an appointment either:

  • Visit the webuyanycar homepage, retrieve your appointment by clicking 'Manage your appointment', then 'Cancel appointment'.
  • Visit manage my appointment and retrieve your appointment by entering the email address and postcode you used when booking your appointment, then 'Cancel appointment'.