Audi A5 Review, Audi A5 Front View

Audi A5 Sportback Review: Coupe-styled Hatch

Audi has revamped the A5 Sportback in this newly-arrived second generation model, but the formula of stylish practicality is unchanged.  Svelte looks and practical design are what the Audi A5 Sportback has always been all about. In appearance, it’s a largish and quite luxurious coupe. Then you look at...

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Mini Countryman Review, Mini Countryman Front View

MINI Countryman Review: More Maxi than Mini

Here comes the biggest car MINI has yet produced, the new Countryman grown even a little larger than the old one. It was a cheeky question, but the one that was asked at the press launch of the new MINI Countryman was, “Did you consider naming this car Maxi?”...

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Tesla 90D Review, Tesla 90D Cabin

Tesla 90D Review: Electric Elegance

If you are the kind of bright spark who wants to drive an electric car, and has a pretty elastic budget, this Tesla will be high on the wish-list. Drive it, and you won’t be disappointed. Pity about the high price.  Motoring writers are often asked the inevitable question:...

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Citroen C3 Review, Citroen C3 Front View

Citroen C3 Review: New Year, New Car

Let’s start the year with a car brand that is going places. Citroen is busy reinventing itself for a new generation, and here comes its newest offering.  Last summer Citroen revealed its new C3 supermini at a chic art centre in trendy downtown Lyon, and now at the dawning...

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McLaren 570S Review, McLaren 570S Side View

McLaren 570S Review: Christmas Cracker

Oh to find a sexy new car with a big bow around it parked outside on Christmas morning. How’s this for a Christmas wish? Some people have all the luck. A friend woke up one Christmas morning a few years back and opened the curtains to see a big...

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Suzuki Ignis Review, Suzuki Ignis Front View

Suzuki Ignis Review: Budget Crossover

It’s described by its maker as an ultra-compact SUV, and with prices starting at £10k it’s small in price as well as size. It had to happen. The rapid momentum of the growing tide of SUV-crossover models shows no sign of ebbing, and now here is one that undercuts...

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Hyundai Ioniq Review, Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Rear View

Happy Hybrid:  Hyundai Ioniq Review

One name, three cars, with a choice of power sources. That’s the message from Hyundai, the Korean company that is taking alternative fuel very seriously.  Greener motoring is gaining momentum, but very slowly. Sales of electric cars in the UK are on an upward curve, but it’s hardly stratospheric....

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Audi Q2 Review, Audi Q2 Front View

Chunky Cutey:  Audi Q2 Review

The relentless march of new Audi models goes on, with the range now numbering some 30 models. Here’s the newest addition to the lineup. Still they keep coming. Here’s another one. I could be talking about the tsunami of new metal pouring into the showrooms at Audi dealers, but...

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