What you need to sell a car when the owner has passed away

One of the hardest tasks for a person who has lost someone is to decide what to do with their personal effects. The decision on what to do with sentimental and cherished items can be difficult but selling a car can be difficult logistically. Often a car dealer will not be interested in taking a car without a part exchange and selling a car privately can be difficult at the best of times let alone after a bereavement. Every day webuyanycar.com buy cars that are no longer needed, no matter what the car's value is, following a death in the family. Given our experience, we can help you through the sale of the car easily and sympathetically. All you have to do is follow our guide below as there are a few extra things we will need to know before purchasing the car.


60 second car valuation


How we can help

Benefits of selling a car to us in the event of the death of its owner.

  • Fair price

    Our valuation engine which can be used online to value cars will give exactly the same price to someone no matter what your circumstances.

  • Convenient

    We can buy cars all over the UK and we’re open 7 days a week so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you can sell the car when it suits you.

  • Easy documentation

    The amount you receive cannot be disputed and we can provide full documentation. This might be useful to you where proceeds of the sale may need to be distributed to more than one person or given to a solicitor who is acting on behalf of the estate.

  • We do buy any car!

    We can buy any car you have so whether it’s worth £100,000+ or just a few hundred pounds we can buy it.

Please note: You don't need to put the car in your name in order to sell it to us.


Bereavement car selling matrix

Advice on how to sell a car when someone has passed away.


Do you have a Death Certificate?

Is the value of the deceased less than £10k 1

  We're sorry, we won't be able to help.

We can buy the car and pay the next of kin2

Has Probate3 / Confirmation4 been granted?

We can buy the car from the Executor named on the Grant / Confirmation document

You will need a letter from the Estate's Solicitor giving you permission to sell the car

This information together with the notes below are for guidance only. Please ensure you consult with professional advisors who will help you understand the steps required in order to be able to sell a deceased person's car or van. You must have the right to sell the car.

  1. The estate is the total amount in £s which has been left by the deceased car owner before it is distributed.
  2. The Next of Kin will be asked to sign the declaration (D2 form) when they attend the appointment.
  3. 'Probate' is the English law court process by which a Will is proved valid or invalid. It also describes the legal process wherein the estate of a deceased is administered.
  4. In Scotland the 'Confirmation' is a legal document from the court giving the executor(s) authority to uplift any money or other property belonging to a deceased person from the holder (such as the bank), and to administer and distribute it according to law. An application is lodged with the sheriff court.

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