When is my MOT due?

Don’t miss your MOT deadline – use our free MOT expiry checker and book your test in good time.

To find out when your next MOT test is due, enter your vehicle’s registration below:



MOT checklist

What does this report contain?


Your report will contain the following information:

  • Whether your vehicle currently has a valid MOT certificate.

  • Your upcoming MOT expiration date (if applicable).

  • The dates, outcomes, reasons for failure and advisory notices from any previous MOT tests.


When does my MOT run out?


To find out when your current MOT certificate expires, simply enter your reg number into the MOT expiry lookup tool above. Once you have entered your details, our tool will generate a report with key information on your vehicle’s MOT expiry date and status.


When should I renew my MOT?


You can book an MOT test up to a month (minus one day) ahead of your current expiry date and keep the same renewal date for next year. Doing so will effectively provide you with 13 months’ MOT coverage.

We would advise against waiting until your MOT is just about to expire to book your test. There is always the possibility that your local test centre won’t be able to fit you in before the expiry date, potentially leaving you without a valid MOT.


How early can I get an MOT?


You can book an MOT at any time. However, arranging a test date that is over a month before your upcoming MOT expiry date won’t provide you with the best value for money, as your new certificate will only be valid for 12 months after your test.

For example, if your current MOT certificate expires on 20th April and you book your test for 15th February, your new certificate will only be valid until 15th February next year.


Can I set an MOT reminder?


You can set a reminder to book your next MOT test using the MOT reminder service on the gov.uk website.

Click ‘Start now’ on the page and enter your details to receive a reminder by text or email one month before your MOT is due. This service is not available in Northern Ireland, although NI residents will receive a postal reminder seven weeks before their next MOT is due.


How long will it take for the DVLA to update my MOT data?


It may take up to 5 days for the DVLA to update your MOT data. If it has been more than 5 days since you took an MOT test and your information has not been updated accordingly, you should contact the DVLA for further assistance.


How can I get ready for my MOT?


There are several steps you can take to ensure you are fully prepared for your MOT test:


Plan ahead

Firstly, make sure that you have all the necessary documents for your upcoming MOT test. If your appointment is during working hours, you should notify your employer in good time and, if needed, arrange sufficient leave to attend the appointment.

Although MOT tests are often completed within an hour of the allotted appointment time, they can run over for various reasons, so you should account for this possibility. For a more detailed explanation of why an MOT test may exceed its expected timeframe, please read our guide ‘How long does an MOT take?’

On the day of your test, check the road conditions and plan your journey to make sure you are punctual. This will help ensure that the mechanics at the test centre are able to accommodate you without having to delay or reschedule your appointment.

Prepare your vehicle

To avoid the cost and hassle of arranging an MOT re-test, you should check that your car is in roadworthy condition ahead of your appointment date.

Many vehicles fail MOT tests due to easily fixable faults such as incorrect or damaged tyres, faulty lights, or a damaged numberplate. These issues are relatively inexpensive to fix and doing so can help you pass your MOT with flying colours.

If you know or suspect that your brakes and/or suspension are not working correctly, you should arrange for the necessary repairs to be carried out ahead of your MOT test. If you have too much rust in certain prescribed areas, you may also fail your MOT. (Unfortunately, rust can be expensive to repair).

You can even fail your MOT for seemingly trivial reasons, such as an air-freshener obscuring your view, a dirty car, or an interior filled with litter. So, don’t leave anything to chance.

To make sure you’ve covered all bases ahead of your MOT, please refer to our comprehensive MOT checklist.


Frequently asked questions


Yes, if your vehicle does not have an MOT, you can park it in on private land. However, you’ll also need to make a SORN (Statutory Off-road Notification) to inform the DVLA that you have taken the vehicle ‘off the road’.

Yes. If you park a vehicle without a valid MOT on a public highway, you could receive a fine – and your vehicle may also be seized.

If your vehicle does not have an MOT and you do not intend to use it, you should issue a SORN, whilst keeping it parked on private land.

Your car must have its first MOT test by the third anniversary of its registration date.

Even if you have owned your car for several years, you may not have its key statistics committed to memory.

Yes, an MOT is valid until midnight on the expiry date. However, if possible, you should arrange your test well before this time to ensure you are covered.


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