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When is my MOT due?

Ensuring you know the due date of your car’s next MOT is critical for several reasons; not only is your car required by law to have a valid MOT certificate, but an annual MOT also helps ensure the safety of the car’s driver, passengers and other road users. This guide will explain how to find out your MOT due date, as well as a few other handy facts on the subject.

What is an MOT?

MOTs are tests put in place to ensure all vehicles on the road are safe to be driven and meet safety standards set by law. Each year a car’s MOT certificate will expire, and the owner should look to arrange an MOT inspection with a qualified mechanic to renew it.

The rules of the MOT changed for 2018 but the inspection will include the testing and standardization of a car’s tyres, brakes, steering, suspension and windscreen, amongst other things; however, the car’s engine, clutch and gearbox will not be tested.

The cost of an MOT typically varies from car to car, taking into consideration the car's value and condition, however, in most cases, the fee is no more than around £55. You can find a full list of MOT costs here.

How to check your MOT due date

The easiest way to check your MOT due date is using our MOT check tool - simply enter your registration plate online. We've also walked you through how to use some other online tools below.

Check with Gov.UK MOT tool

This handy online tool from GOV.uk allows the user to quickly check the status of a vehicle’s MOT certificate, and find out when it is due for renewal. Follow the simple steps below to uncover your car’s MOT due date:

1. To begin, click visit Gov.UK/check-mot-status and click the ‘start now’ button on the left hand side of the page.

2. On the following page, enter the registration plate number of the vehicle you are looking to check the MOT due date for.

3. The next page will return the details of your car, click Yes to confirm (if the vehicle details cannot be found, another screen will be displayed featuring a phone number and email address which will offer extra support).

4. The final page will display the Tax and MOT status of your vehicle, along with a date stating when your next MOT is due. Be sure to note down the date or add to your calendar, and book your MOT inspection in good time.

Check with Automyze MOT Tool

The AA have also created an incredibly easy tool that you can use to find out when your next MOT is due, as well as finding local MOT garages where you can book in your car for inspection. This is perfect for people who suspect their due date is on the horizon, and are unfamiliar with MOT garages in their area. Here’s a step by step guide to finding out when your MOT is due, and locating an approved local garage near you using Automyze. As this tool offers two options, we’ll focus on the MOT due date tool first, and then the garage locator second.

1. Click here to visit the AA’s Automyze tool. There are two options on the first page. Enter your vehicle’s registration number into the top box, and then click ‘Get MOT due date’.

2. A small tab will open showing the details on-file for the registration number you entered. If the details are correct, click ‘save details for later’ to continue to the next page.

3. The proceeding screen is another details confirmation page. Again, if the details shown are correct, click ‘Yes, that’s it’ to continue. If not, you can click ‘No, try again’ to re-enter your registration number.


4. The following page requires a few personal details to set up an Automyze profile, which can be logged-in to at any time to retrieve your MOT date details. Fill in the required details and click ‘Get Going’ to progress to the next step.

5. As with most new online accounts, you’ll now need to activate the profile by clicking a link in the confirmation email sent to the email address you provided. Open the email from The AA/Automyze, and click the ‘Activate Automyze’ button.

6. You will now be redirected to your Automyze dashboard, a 1-stop-shop for a ton of information on your car, including how much it typically costs to fill the fuel tank, average MPG and most importantly in this case, the MOT due date! You can find out when your car is due for its next MOT inspection on the right hand side, beneath the yellow ‘Buy Now’ button. We’ve highlighted the section in the image below for your convenience

Of the two tools noted above, the Gov.uk site is much quicker and easier to use if you are simply looking to learn your MOT due date.

However, The AA’s Automyze tool has plenty of plus points for those who are looking for a more detailed car status report; in the Automyze dashboard users can locate local MOT centers near their home, and even book appointments at a discounted rate in a few simple steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event that your car fails its MOT inspection, you will be presented with a MOT test refusal certificate, as well as a list of required repairs the car will need to meet the requisite standards.

If your previous MOT certificate has already expired, you will be unable to legally drive the vehicle, unless it is directly to a garage to have the required repairs made. You can be fined up to £2,500 and receive three penalty points on your license if caught driving a vehicle with not MOT certificate that is deemed to be unsafe. If the previous certificate has not yet expired, however, you are legally allowed to continue driving the vehicle until the previous certificate is no longer valid.

Once you have had each of the failed defects fixed, the car will then need to go for another inspection to ensure it now meets MOT standards.

If you lose your MOT certificate, you will need to replace it, particularly if you plan to sell your car. But not to worry, you can easily apply for a new one at any registered MOT centre. You do not have to visit the MOT centre where your last inspection was carried out.

Unfortunately, there is not an online service which allows you to apply for a new certificate, so calling the MOT centre directly and giving them your car’s registration and logbook reference number is the best approach for now.

The cost of a replacement MOT certificate is typically £10, or half of the MOT test fee (whichever is less).:

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