Sheffield Clean Air Zone

Does Sheffield have a Clean Air Zone?

Last updated October 20th, 2023

Sheffield City Council implemented a chargeable Class C Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in February 2023. Therefore, high-polluting Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV), Light Goods Vehicles (LGV), vans, buses, coaches and taxis are now subject to daily charges if they travel within the designated area.

The Congestion Charge has operated in London since 2003 – and the Ultra-low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was rolled out in 2019 to target high-polluting vehicles within the capital.

Since then, numerous UK cities have implemented their own measures to reduce traffic pollution. Much like the Manchester Clean Air Zone and the Bradford Clean Air Zone, the Sheffield CAZ was introduced to improve the air quality in high traffic urban areas.

In this guide, we will cover where the Sheffield CAZ operates, who is liable to pay the daily charge, who is exempt – and the penalties for non-payment.

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Where is the Sheffield Clean Air Zone?

Sheffield’s CAZ covers the city centre within the ring road (A61). The north side crosses Shalesmoor to Derek Dooley Way. The western end covers Sheffield Parkway and continues south along Sheaf Street, turning to the west along St Mary’s Road.

The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are both within the CAZ. The public transport stops at Neverthorpe Road, Castle Square, City Hall, West Street and the University of Sheffield are also within the zone.

When did the Sheffield Clean Air Zone begin?

The Sheffield Clean Air Zone launched on Monday 27th February 2023 and now operates 24 hours a day.

Who has to pay the Clean Air Zone charge?

Drivers of taxis, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and HGVs that do not meet the minimum emissions standards will have to pay a daily charge if they travel within the Clean Air Zone. (The requirements for Clean Air Zone exemption are the same as those used for ULEZ exemption.)

Many commercial vehicles (particularly vans and HGVs) are diesel-fuelled and may not meet the minimum Euro 6 standards if they were built before 2016.

(A non-compliant vehicle will emit excessive amounts of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxide [NOx], carbon monoxide [CO], hydrocarbons, and particulate matter.)

You can use the Clean Air Zone checker tool on the website to verify whether your vehicle will be subject to the daily charge.

How much is the charge?

The following daily charges apply for non-compliant vehicles travelling within the Sheffield CAZ:

LGVs and taxis - £10.

Coaches, buses, lorries and HGVs - £50.

When does the Sheffield Clean Air Zone fee have to be paid by?

You can pay the Sheffield CAZ charge up to six days before your journey – or up to six days after.

Which vehicles are exempt from the Sheffield Clean Air Zone charge?

All motorcycles and private passenger cars are exempt from the charge, regardless of their emissions levels. Other vehicles will be liable for the charge if they fail to meet the minimum emissions standards.

How do I pay the Sheffield Clean Air Zone charge?

You can pay the Sheffield Clean Air Zone charge online via the website.

What happens if I don’t pay the Sheffield CAZ fee?

If you fail to pay the Sheffield CAZ charge within the allotted timeframe, you will be liable to pay a fine.

How much is the fine for the Sheffield Clean Air Zone?

If you fail to pay the Clean Air Zone charge, you will receive a £120 fine. However, this will be halved to £60 if it's paid within 14 days.